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My name is Maria. My friends and family call me Espie. I’ve been a content marketing expert in the Philippines for 9 years (2018) and counting. And for starters, I didn’t really start my career as a marketer. I was a writer on oDesk.com (now, Upwork) back in 2009. What started out as a simple passion for writing (you know the drill, the literary stuff—writing poems, short stories, etc.), turned into a lifelong career.

Then, I started venturing to doing SEO, social media, and a whole lot of virtual marketing assistant stuff (including website updates, creating landing pages, email marketing, and a bit of paid ads. But I would say, my strength still lies on content marketing. In this day and age, SEO is not just about building links or ranking #1 on every single keyword. It’s also about your website’s substance. You can rank your site easy on Google search but without a great content to back it up, people would skip right ahead to the next website in line of the research.

A the end of the day, it’s always about the conversion—how many people are buying? How many inquiries? How many shares and people reached?

Content Marketing Expert in the Philippines

Marketing has got me excited about bridging the gap between the audience and the medium. And to think about it, it is kinda in line with my education as a Journalism graduate. With journalism, we’re bringing information to the people on print and broadcast media. With digital content marketing, the end goal is the same but on a new platform—the internet.

Marketing is challenging on all levels. One day, you think you’ve cracked the code; next day, you’re out of the game. It’s a continuous learning process. Always bring your “A-game”.

Life as a Digital Nomad

I have been working remotely since the birth of my son back in 2015. I fell in love with the thought of being able to have the freedom to manage my own time, be around my son and my parents, and avoid everyday commute. If you have been in Manila, I’m sure you already know the horrible stories about traffic especially in EDSA.
What I really loved about telecommuting is how I’ve managed to squeeze in time for my passions. I have time to cook, to practice playing my guitar, go to the gym, and of course, travel.

It’s a Writer’s World REBORN

Due to my tight schedule as a new mom and trying to juggle work, I’ve lost track updating my old site www.mariaespievidal.com. The blog was also covering so many different topics. I just had to let it go and start fresh. This time focusing on what I know best: content marketing—whether it be SEO, social media, or email marketing.

I hope you enjoy reading through my blog as I will be sharing a lot of learnings from presently handled campaigns and past experiences.


Maria Espie Vidal Content Marketing Specialist