Google Adwords Express – G+’s Response to FB Ads or Not?

google adwords express logoPardon me if this is old news, but I’ve discovered an quick and easier tool for local SEO specialists–Google Adwords Express. I’ve been playing with it for almost a month now and I must say, I find it more user friendly especially and fool-proof especially for those who have zero experience in keyword bidding like myself.

The reason why I tagged it as G+’s response to FB Ads is that, marketers have the option to link their G+ Business page or a custom URL page, show street address in the map to their local office (if their Business page has already been verified), plus phone number. The ad is responsive, which means you can still see it on mobile search engines and can cater to direct call conversion (clicking on the phone number). Hence, unlike in Facebook, Adwords Express is not exclusive to G+. It extends to search engines and other members of Google Display Network.
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Is Keyword Research Dead?

As Google continues to insist that their metrics in gauging website performance is far beyond our targeted keywords, many SEO specialists ask: is keyword research dead?

And the answer is… *drum roll please**… no, keyword research is not dead. Keywords are still important in terms of helping search engine robots determine your website’s theme/concept. Keywords determine what your website is all about and which third-party sites it is related to.

Let’s say, you’ve built links in an online magazine for household tools or HGTV but your site is about cars. How will Google determine you’re spamming HGTV if they didn’t gather data or read through your content and spot keywords that your site is actually related to cars?

Keywords and Rankings

In the previous years, a SEO company’s bread and butter relied on these two terms – keywords and rankings. If you get to rank #1 on Google or Bing with all of the keywords targeted by the client, bonuses will fly off the operations floor. Mem’ries. Mem’ries indeed!

Keyword researchI recall spamming a lot of blog articles (regardless if the article is connected to our product or if our comment even made sense!); created tons of PBNs (private blog networks); and submitted articles in EzineArticles and Article Base in bulk sizes every week. And we don’t stop until our target keywords and anchor link gets saturated. Of course, that’s not the case now, is it?

Business owners are smarter. They have noticed the flaw of every SEO company they have hired. Though many specialists were able to get away with garbage links at first, the after-effects were dreading to watch. The term ‘link poison’ was even coined by business owners to describe the works of agencies. Sad. Sad.

Lead Generation

Unfortunately, there are still hundreds and thousands of specialists who sell ‘rankings’ to companies, which is not unlikely. Why? In recent statistics, organic search engine is still the biggest contributor of traffic and leads.

Many actually believed that it’s social media marketing that’s emerging right now and taking over internet marketing. It’s a complete misconception. Social media marketing is a great platform to establish brand awareness–most likey a ‘I’ll-save-this-info-for-later-use’ type of thing. Searching in Google, on the other hand, means the user is seriously looking for a service to hire. He is researching who is out there who can provide a solution to his problem.

However, selling merely rankings doesn’t guarantee internet marketing success. If you really want to measure success, you should look at the traffic your site is receiving. If organic searches paid off for you and drive you tons of conversions/leads, then good for you. Hence, if otherwise, if you’re just ranking and no leads, we might have a problem with that. This is the case especially for not-so-popular niches. If you’re far off human interest stories like example, an office equipment repair service, then merely depending on rankings may not be your thing. You might have to extend your efforts into tapping platforms that has plenty of traffic.

At the end of the day, it’s sales that matters to every company. It is best for SEO specialists to assess first what niche does thier client lean more towards to as opposed to just copy-pasting techniques from one project to another.

In a Nutshell..

To simplify what Google is trying to say, keywords are still relevant hence don’t focus too much on them. Don’t restrict your links around them. Don’t build your site around them. Don’t live and breathe around these keywords. Use these keywords as notes and guidelines how you can build your site’s concept, where you can build links, and as tips on topics you can write to reel in your prospective clients.


Talk About Corporate: How to Talk Like a Leader and Not a Boss

Disclaimer: This is probably the first time I’d be writing a ‘disclaimer’ in a blog post I’m publishing over here at It’s a Writer’s World. And yeah, this is not something I’m currently struggling with.  I just can’t help but remember my previous families. And yes, I consider them all my family ‘cause at the end of the day I’ve loved them and grown with them, regardless of how douchey some of them have been (especially you…you ***t).

If you’ve been employed in an office (local or global), I’m pretty sure you’ve dealt with office drama and breach of professionalism a couple of times. I’m fairly young in the worker man’s world (currently on my 5th year) and I’ve gone through discussions with co-employees, bosses, managers, supervisors and even CEO’s. If I’ll be a hands-on worker, I probably would be the leader of the ‘Union’ (Unyon). LOL! I tend to speak my mind whenever I see something is wrong, I’ve been erroneously accused of something that would stain my records or I’ve come across a better strategy to ease our process. But wait a second, I’m not what you’re currently thinking! I don’t just jump out of my seat with an axe and ranting on people. Well, maybe with closest friends I am an Amazon warrior. But when it comes to discussing things with my boss, I formally address it. I do remember one time a CEO commended me for having a ‘mature/professional’ approach on said case (which, by the way was proven, I was not the culprit). Hence, it would take a lot before you push me to the edge though.
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