Talk About Corporate: How to Talk Like a Leader and Not a Boss

Disclaimer: This is probably the first time I’d be writing a ‘disclaimer’ in a blog post I’m publishing over here at It’s a Writer’s World. And yeah, this is not something I’m currently struggling with. I just happily joined a new family (company) and my life is as sweet as sugar though I’m still in my first week. So yup, PRACTICALLY NEW! Haha. But since I’ve been long gone in the corporate world, I can’t help but remember my previous families. And yes, I consider them all my family ‘cause at the end of the day I’ve loved them and grown with them, regardless of how douchey some of them have been (especially you…you ***t).

If you’ve been employed in an office (local or global), I’m pretty sure you’ve dealt with office drama and breach of professionalism a couple of times. I’m fairly young in the worker man’s world (currently on my 5th year) and I’ve gone through discussions with co-employees, bosses, managers, supervisors and even CEO’s. If I’ll be a hands-on worker, I probably would be the leader of the ‘Union’ (Unyon). LOL! I tend to speak my mind whenever I see something is wrong, I’ve been erroneously accused of something that would stain my records or I’ve come across a better strategy to ease our process. But wait a second, I’m not what you’re currently thinking! I don’t just jump out of my seat with an axe and ranting on people. Well, maybe with closest friends I am an Amazon warrior. But when it comes to discussing things with my boss, I formally address it. I do remember one time a CEO commended me for having a ‘mature/professional’ approach on said case (which, by the way was proven, I was not the culprit). Hence, it would take a lot before you push me to the edge though.
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Here’s Something I don’t Usually do Everyday…

That is share one of my videos on my portfolio blog! Hahaha! What made me decide to do so? I just LOVE this band. Hope you like and share this one.