Talk About Corporate: How to Talk Like a Leader and Not a Boss

Disclaimer: This is probably the first time I’d be writing a ‘disclaimer’ in a blog post I’m publishing over here at It’s a Writer’s World. And yeah, this is not something I’m currently struggling with.  I just can’t help but remember my previous families. And yes, I consider them all my family ‘cause at the end of the day I’ve loved them and grown with them, regardless of how douchey some of them have been (especially you…you ***t).

If you’ve been employed in an office (local or global), I’m pretty sure you’ve dealt with office drama and breach of professionalism a couple of times. I’m fairly young in the worker man’s world (currently on my 5th year) and I’ve gone through discussions with co-employees, bosses, managers, supervisors and even CEO’s. If I’ll be a hands-on worker, I probably would be the leader of the ‘Union’ (Unyon). LOL! I tend to speak my mind whenever I see something is wrong, I’ve been erroneously accused of something that would stain my records or I’ve come across a better strategy to ease our process. But wait a second, I’m not what you’re currently thinking! I don’t just jump out of my seat with an axe and ranting on people. Well, maybe with closest friends I am an Amazon warrior. But when it comes to discussing things with my boss, I formally address it. I do remember one time a CEO commended me for having a ‘mature/professional’ approach on said case (which, by the way was proven, I was not the culprit). Hence, it would take a lot before you push me to the edge though.
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Here’s Something I don’t Usually do Everyday…

That is share one of my videos on my portfolio blog! Hahaha! What made me decide to do so? I just LOVE this band. Hope you like and share this one.