Do More With Less: How can You Maintain the Production of Quality content with Little Resources?

content-writing-tipsHere’s an interesting topic I’ve encountered in SEO Organization Philippines group on Facebook: how can you, as digital marketing specialist, do more with less in terms of producing quality content?

Content is King

..always has been and always will. Regardless if it’s an article or an image, podcast audio or video, content will always be the reason for your website’s traffic, why you have leveled up to becoming an authority in the subject matter, and ultimately, gain monetary conversion.

I wouldn’t elaborate more on this topic as the members of SEO Organization Phil’s have Continue Reading Attacks! How to Block and Related Bots from Your WordPress

SEM-ALTI just realized that is a problem when I noticed that almost all websites I’ve been handling are receiving SERIOUS amounts of traffic from this website. I’m not sure if this is something exclusive to WordPress platform websites, but it sure is a problem everywhere. Try to Google crawlers and you’ll see what I’m referring to!

According to their website, is a professional webmaster analytics tool that opens the door to new opportunities for market monitoring. They’ll ask you to enter your website URL and targeted keywords and they’ll ‘scout’ the web for analytics and even competitor research.  The service is generally free but they are offering paid service as well.

Other suspicious things about this website:

  • It is only registered for the minimum registration period of one year: 2013-09-04 to 2014-09-04. Most websites registered for one year are usually fakes.
  • It doesn’t have a secure connection (SSL). https://www.semalt .com doesn’t work.
  • It uses a third party website (fastspring) to process payments. Their payment page is located at: https://sites.fastspring .com/semalt/instant/ semaltsmallbusiness?referrer=1
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What is Semalt doing on your website? -

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Google Adwords Express – G+’s Response to FB Ads or Not?

google adwords express logoPardon me if this is old news, but I’ve discovered an quick and easier tool for local SEO specialists–Google Adwords Express. I’ve been playing with it for almost a month now and I must say, I find it more user friendly especially and fool-proof especially for those who have zero experience in keyword bidding like myself.

The reason why I tagged it as G+’s response to FB Ads is that, marketers have the option to link their G+ Business page or a custom URL page, show street address in the map to their local office (if their Business page has already been verified), plus phone number. The ad is responsive, which means you can still see it on mobile search engines and can cater to direct call conversion (clicking on the phone number). Hence, unlike in Facebook, Adwords Express is not exclusive to G+. It extends to search engines and other members of Google Display Network.
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