AuthorMaria Espie

Udemy Spotify Marketing Certification

Spotify Marketing Course: Completed!

I’ve always been passionate about music. And I am so happy that I am able to use my digital marketing talent to help artists in promoting their releases and widening their reach. I’ve recently completed my Spotify Marketing Mastery course (and Accelerator Course) on Udemy. This is something I’m really excited to apply in my…

guide to blogging

How Long is Long? Guide to Blogging this 2020

Since Google introduced the Panda back in 2011, Google has kept a keen eye to content quality for websites particularly focusing on relevance and value. Sites that were cannibalizing keywords and publishing thin content were placed on death row. In 2018, the Medic update has shone the light back on content particularly targeting health and…

outreach marketing

Reverse Engineering Customer Pain Points: Sourcing the Right Prospects for Your Outreach Process

As SEO and link building move towards quality over quantity, experts like myself resort to a different, more sophisticated strategy that leans towards PR (public relations) rather than submissions. In my years of doing this strategy, I found this highly effective not just in obtaining quality links but also in providing value to your target…