Wrong Turns in Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool to keep our products in the public’s eye. Watch out for these actions that might actually be doing more bad to your marketing efforts.

Generic Posts on Multiple Platforms

Always keep in mind that different situations require different solutions. Posting the same materials with the same format across varied social media platforms is not recommended as each platform has a different “sweet spot” as compared to others. For example; a Facebook post with text and pictures would not translate as well to Twitter or Instagram. Postings should be tailor-made to enhance its effect on each site’s followers.

Lack of Online Identity / Personality

Proper marketing practice dictates the need for proper branding. Your social media is a vital marketing channel that needs to project the business’ or product’s image to the public properly. Establishing a set of rules and parameters will help you control how your online efforts that convey your identity to the public. Answers pertaining to types of content to be posted, language / tone to be used, types of images, layout, and the frequency of posts should be answered and be clearly conveyed to the people responsible in doing your firm’s social media updates.

Lack of Engaging Materials

Casually relaying your ideas is ok but to touch base with the spirit of social media marketing any post made should invite follower engagement. Likes are okay but you want to make your readership more active by commenting, sharing and inviting others in joining the conversation. Another effective method is to plan your series of posts. Doing this reinforces the “idea” behind your posts rather than just looking like a set of random strokes. Shares and invites to join the conversation also contribute to the increase of readership count. Regularly doing this makes for an active social media platform.

Ad-driven Postings

This gets its own paragraph. Judicious and tasteful posting of ad-type material is just okay but using your social media profile to display your firm’s endless stream of ads is a big no-no. Posts should be engaging, informative or interesting. Continuously bombarding your followers with ads, marketing collaterals or prices will result to your readership to take your posts for granted or worse, unsubscribe to your feed.

Untimely Response to Follower’s Posts

People nowadays are mostly online for a huge chunk of their time and they expect the same from you. Comments, queries, and the like need quick replies. This is even more vital in the event of negative comments. These needs special attention as well as replies to these should be tactful as to not escalate matters further. Quickly replying to negative queries also give your readership a positive vibe that you are trying to make things easier for them. NEVER EVER DELETE NEGATIVE POSTS.

Steer clear of these obstacles. Set guidelines in your marketing efforts. Don’t take that wrong turn!

Maria Espie

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