When You Think You Know it All About SEO, You Dont.

To some, world of SEO is becoming more complicated by the second. To others, it’s merely becoming something substantial. From being labeled as spam to an actual marketing channel, search engine marketing has definitely evolved. It’s no longer the science of making a website rank for related keywords. It’s the strategic process of getting found online.

Although it is true that SEO, by definition, is longer a stand alone process to achieve marketing goals, it also holds true that SEO is still the strongest source of traffic that converts. This is for the simple reason that people who makes use of the search engines are those who are interested in availing a service. Whether or not the consumer is already at the buying stage or still at the ‘consider’ or research phase, being found on search engines is important.

But wait a minute, isn’t it true that when you type in keywords like ‘best restaurant’ or ‘loudest speakers’, articles, review sites and business listings generally appear on the first page of Google? Yes. That is correct. Google’s algorithm has managed to make results consumer friendly and showed them results they most likely want to read. If we link it to traditional marketing, hard sell ads are less likely to convert compared to product recommeded by a friend or by your favorite celebrity. This is similar online and that process is still considered SEO.

You have to maintain good online reputation in all possible avenues even on social media to make sure that when a user gets to find you in the chaotic abyss of information online, they still choose you.

In a nutshell

When you think you know everything about seo

SEO is more than just spamming the web with links. It is the strategic promotion of your web pages’ links to authoritative related third party websites. Google’s algorithm has matured enough to detect a spammy backlink to a relevant one. Otherwise, the KungFu Panda will make sure you get punished.

This is where marketing comes into play to work with your SEO goals. Social media ensures that your business is legit. Video marketing and content marketing ensures you have something more to offer than a bland link in a directory site. Email marketing ensures that you communicate to your target audience regularly.

So for those who kept insisting that SEO is dead, here’s a middle finger for you guys.

Maria Espie

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