What Makes It Tick? Social Media Marketing Audit

It’s vital that you have a strategic, written-out strategy before implementing any social networks methods in your company. If you already do then it is also necessary to check how effective your efforts are. An audit of your social media marketing efforts allows you to see the big picture and expose what further improvements or changes are to be done.

Factors to look at are:

• Your Reach – The quantity of your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn group members, likers, followers, and etc. you have is directly related to your social networking site’s success. QUANTITY = more individuals to see your material, engage in your posts, and will hopefully translate into clicks, sales, and traffic. You could use a little help from sites like http://edgerankchecker.com/ to see help you beat the FB newsfeed riddle and get more exposure. Having a substantial following is great but there is always room to grow. Check the amount of your new followers and if it’s a low number then it’s probably time to focus on materials designed for gaining new readership.

What Makes It Tick Social Media Marketing Audit• 2. Your CONTENT – Your content engages your readership and keeps them subscribed to your posts. Posting videos? Links? Photos?…or a combination of different things? Figuring out which of your posted content has been effective in generating most likes and shares is very important. Get to know these content and what it is in those posts caught the interest of your readership.

This sets the type of material your social media site should be having. Get your statistics at https://socialcrawlytics.com/. Tracking which of your posts generated the most traffic is also important and http://www.google.com/analytics/ will help you determine this. It also doesn’t hurt to get ideas from successful pages or look at how other pages are doing. Check out http://barometer.agorapulse.com/ to get an idea of how your page performs against others.

• 3. Leads and Conversions – The most crucial factors in measuring social networks advertising effectiveness. Analyzing social networks sites traffic will help you determines positive leads or conversions. Different types of sites have different kinds of effective traffic. Once again Google Analytics is your friend here. Track which forms of transactions have converted your readership into actual customers and build on those data. That’s where your social media investments should be going.

With all the data you have gathered you could direct your efforts more appropriately. Assessing your programs and their implementation will help you concentrate on key problem areas. Identified problems must be analyzed thoroughly for you to be able to set goals in solving them or to improve your strategy all in the spirit of gaining the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

Maria Espie

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