Miss Universe Pageant Welcomes Jenna Talackova to the Competition

Trump abolishes ‘Natural born’ rule in the beauty pageant

The world’s most prestigious beauty pageant has recently opened its doors to transgender models. 23-year-old Jenna Talackova has finally been accepted as a candidate in Miss Universe Beauty Pageant this Spring 2012. This decision came about after a wave of debates and criticisms received by the organizers of the said pageant from the advocates of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community.

jenna talackova miss universe 2012

Talackova was a contender in Miss Canada Beauty Pageant who was disqualified after admitting that she was a naturally born man. Judges have been suspicious about Talackova’s true identity after she wrote ‘female’ as her sex in the application form. Eventually, Talackova admitted that she is a transgender model which led to her disqualification last March 2012.

Inspite her appeals and pleads, Talackova was denied application to the pageant. According to her, “she was born in the wrong body”. Donald Trump, head organizer of Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, strictly emphasized the ‘natural born’ rule of the pageant, which was implemented since its baby steps. Before the pageant agrees to let her in, Trump has to sign it first.

And after a month’s battle, Miss Universe Organization changed the rules and allowed Talackova to compete. This was the first step to abolish discrimination at all cost in the contest and provide equal rights to all races as well as genders to enter the competition. Talackova is now back in the Miss Canada pageant and is hopeful to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

Talackova first underwent surgery when she was 19. She completed her transformation 4 years later and acquired a passport wherein her gender was stated female.


Miss Universe Beauty Pageant

The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant is a long running, prestigious contest, which had its humble beginnings inLong Beach,California. This local bathing beauty competition was spearheaded by Catalina Swimwear in 1952. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, the Miss Universe Pageant is like the queen of all beauty pageants. Every hopeful dreamed to be part of this prestigious event. Inspite all the controversies, this event remained an important tradition and a part of every culture’s history. Every contender brings pride to their nation; win or lose.

Loss of Credibility?

Some say that this move by the Miss Universe organizers has stained the reputation and credibility of the contest. It is the search for the most beautiful women of the world; so why allow Talackova, a natural born man, join the contest? Though she is stunningly beautiful, Jenna’s physical appearance and beauty (which is the key requirement in entering such competition) is a result of the numerous cosmetic surgery procedures.

On the other hand, the abolishment of the ‘natural born’ rule will definitely please the number 1 supporter of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. Obviously, aside from females, the gays and transgenders comprise over 50% of the event’s audience and supporters. Here in thePhilippines, more than 75% of the gay / transgender population watch and support the said pageant.

This still leaves us with the question: Is this a good move for the pageant?


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