Touch base with your Fans via Social Media Tools

Surviving in the music scene is a tough job but utilizing various social media platforms proves to be an effective tool in reaching out to our listeners as well as gaining new ones as well. Boost your social media’s effectiveness by using these Social Media Tools!  – The website’s title says it all! Giving out a free track to listen to or to download is cool but what if you could milk it for all its worth? Using TweetforaTrack boosts your free song mileage exponentially! It also handles posting, tracking of stats, file hosting and the track’s delivery. First up is you sign in. You will have to upload the freebie track and post a Facebook and Twitter update with the download link. What happens when the link is clicked is that the application will have to “re-tweet” the link first after which the actual download link is emailed. The followers / friends of whoever clicked the link will see the “re-tweet” and those interested will click and the process repeats itself again! – Everyone is going mobile these days and a great way to connect with your listeners is via a mobile app. This tool allows you to easily create your mobile app in the MobBase dashboard and publish it on iPhone/iOS, Android, and/or the mobile web. The MobBase dashboard allows you an original concept by providing a blank canvas. You could set the background and button images, arrange the app’s features, and select themes. You c add, manage, and update your app’s content in real-time. Please do check as there might be applicable fees depending on the format you want to publish in. – Sharing your music? Share it wisely! The site works like a social network for music and sound creators as well as fans and listeners. The website is a great way to share your musical creations as well as discovering new stuff from friends, followers and other artists. Making an account is a breeze and only takes a couple of minutes. SoundCloud then takes you to your home screen where you can immediately record or upload audio. Recording is easy as the necessary buttons are easily accessible. SoundCloud is very easy to use, has a nice and attractive look, and is filled with lots of content. There are paid premium account options but the free membership alone already allows you lots of mileage in promoting your music.

These are just 3 of the many must have tools in marketing your music through social media! Check out this site again for more!

Maria Espie

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