The Importance of Updating Your Website’s Content

Uncovering the deadly sins of marketers with regards to lack of content update and taking bounce rate seriously


The Importance of Updating Your Website’s ContentAs what I’ve repeatedly preached here on It’s a Writer’s World, content is king. Always was, and always will. Without a great content, your traffic is as good as a wasted click especially on the client side. Unfortunately, it is still a common misconception that ‘content update’ solely encompasses blogs and news articles. While this holds true that you should update your news page regularly, it’s also an advantage if you can update your website’s content and layout every once in a while.

This article is inspired by something I’ve read over at Search Engine Land from Columnist Derek Edmond (Click here for original article): How Search Result Analysis Leads to a Better SEO Program. Here, he explained how we can get tips from observing search results and online trends to improving our content.

Derek has raised a good point in his article, which you can say is very common among marketers. Sometimes, we get lost in looking for strategies on how we can promote our website or get people to sign up for this or subscribe to that, that we are forgetting to take a step back and see if we are really giving the people what they want and what they need to see on your site.

This also brings us back to the debate regarding keyword ranking and why we shouldn’t be focusing our campaigns on just ranking for specific keywords. But rather, find ways how we can serve prospective clients what they need to see on your site in relation to these keywords. Ranking should just be the first goal, your next aim is to get people stay on your site and want to learn more about your services, your company and your people.

News/Blog articles, videos, infographics, slideshows, etc. are great assets to promote on social media and community websites, but what about the next step? Let’s say we’ve convinced the client to check out our service pages after reading a very convincing article or infograph you have posted on your news page. Do you think your content is prepped enough to cater to your customer’s need?

This is where you need to look at your Analytics dashboard to check your bounce rate, internet user visit flow, and exit pages. Is your bounce rate high for target pages? Or are you receiving serious traffic for service pages but has never received any inquiry on your contact form? Perhaps you’re not giving enough. Perhaps they’ve seen your content thousands of times and still did not find gold. Perhaps, it’s time to do a content update.


In a Nutshell

Updating your website’s content is as important as regularly updating your blogs and news pages. This way, you can cater to the changing demand of the industry, clients and the internet. It doesn’t need to be drastic. Perhaps, you can just add a couple of pictures for featured projects or links to portfolio, or videos.

Also, it’s best if you can consider clients who are on the ‘research phase’ since these are the people who you can still convince to buy your service versus those who are already decided on what they want and just  searching for the best price offered. Some marketers tend to focus more on those who are on the ‘buy now’ mode over the other, which is normal and okay. But of course, you will also lose a greater opportunity if you forget about those people researching for options.

Maria Espie

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