The Internet VS the Real World: Are we losing touch with reality?

Last Saturday, I was watching a delayed telecast of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Talk TV. Fans of this show would probably be familiar with the segment “Jaywalking” wherein Leno interviews random people on the street and tests their knowledge/familiarity with a certain topic. In this episode, Leno talked to several college students and asked them questions, which are intended to measure their knowledge on social networks versus the real world.

It is funny to hear these students reply so quickly when asked questions related to Facebook and Twitter yet so baffled when asked about history and real life facts. But on the other side of the coin, it reveals a sad truth. And that is: today’s generation might be losing touch with reality.

Surely, the Internet has brought wonders to our life. It bridged communication gaps. It has the ability to connect people from point A to point B and in real time. The Internet has made information convenient and available anytime, any place where there is a connection.

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