Song Writing 101: The constituents of a good composition

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To write an original song is probably the biggest breakthrough or highlight of a musician’s career. While it is entertaining and fulfilling to do your own interpretation of an artist’s song, the passion burning in your soul is far more intense if you’re singing your composed piece. It is when you’ll be able to showcase your musicality. It is when writing your original song that you’ll be able to relay a message that relates to people. It is like building a connection with your audience through melody.

Writing a song

In a musician’s point of view, there is no definite formula to write a good song. Yes, you can be technical about it and follow theories, structures, and all scientific about it. There are books and courses dedicated to the science of Music. You’ll understand deeper how pop songs differ from rock and other genres. You’ll learn about the patterns of different musical genres as well as how some chord patterns differ from the Major ones.

I have never been a technical person. I’ve never learned how to read notes nor have I fully understood how the time signature works. For me, everything is just a matter of gut-feeling. I just know when it’s time for the chorus, or the bridge or that so-called “bagsakan”. And I never fail. I’m always right on time.

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