Riding down The Markus Highway: From Eraserheads guitarist to going solo, Markus Adoro rocks on

By Marie Espie A. Vidal 
Published: The Manila Times Tue. May 27, 2008

The Eraserheads may have danced their huling el bimbo in 2001, still we can’t get enough of them. Really. Tributes, covers and remakes of the band’s old hits aired in the radio and so far fans still insist, “Nothing beats the original.” Maybe this is the reason why individually, these Eheads are very successful in their own respective careers.

The Dawn, Sandwich, and Pupil step aside and make way. Behold and rejoice as the surfer from Ilocos, Marcus Adoro, finally debuts with his own band, Markus Highway.


No crash to the sea

Unlike the waves in the sea, Adoro’s career did not crash to the shores after the band broke up. “I never stopped being creative,” says Adoro. He continued writing compositions, produced records and independently studied film making. But oftentimes, he’s battling the waves in La Union and other surf spots in the country.

His enthusiasm for this sport began way back in 1998 when Eheads toured Australia. He says, “I wanted to buy a surf board then but there was a festival and all the shops were closed.” Though, he was able to purchase a buddy board, which remained idle for years because of his tight schedule. In spite this, his interest in surfing never faded and joined communities afterwards.

His passion with surfing grew intense that his first independently released album in 2004 is entitled Surfernando: Adventures of Belma and Luis, obviously carrying the surfer theme. This served as his appetizer for the fans. “I released that as publicity for my come back,” says Adoro, “it contained five songs which are also in the new album except for the instrumental one.”

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