How to Swim

Swimming is a popular activity all over the world. We all enjoy a dip at the beach or at the pool. Water sports and activities are a big part of social gatherings, family reunions, or simply for a relaxing vacation. Whether you do it for fun or for competitions, to swim is a natural ability all humans have though not developed. Nevertheless, swimming lessons are always available for you.
how to swimLearning how to swim is not difficult. It is often a misconception that if you haven’t got any training in the past, it would take longer for you to get the trick. That’s not the case. In these lessons, you will be trained on proper arm and feet movement along with breathing technique. Humans are natural born swimmers. All that is needed is practice and guidance so you could conquer the shores.

The first step into swimming is learning to relax oneself in the water. Most beginners tend to panic instantly thinking that they will drown. Try your best to relax and get comfortable with the water on your face and ears. Stand in the water at a level you are comfortable with; chest level or waist level. Splash your face and your head with water. Blowing bubbles in the water also helps to get you relaxed.

Next step would be learning how to move in the water. Try to get assistance in doing this to prevent any accident. Hold on to the side of the pool and practice laying face up in the water. Do not be disappointed if you don’t float. Floating depends on your body’s level of relaxation and body fat. Body position is important as well. Make sure you are following a straight line; head back till your ears are underwater. Relax and let the rest of your body to float.

Most important thing to learn in swimming is learning how to breathe. Have your assistant hold your arms and dip your face in the water. When you need air, turn your head to the side and inhale. In exhaling, position your head under water and blow bubbles. Do this over and over until you get used to it. Practice moving and kicking in the water as you turn your head and then breathe.

Arm stroke is easy to do once you’ve mastered the aforementioned techniques. Stand in chest high water. With your face in the water, put both arms in front of you. Blow bubbles. If you breathe on the right side, lift your right arm first and vice versa. Pull your right arm down through the water to your waist. Face to the right and inhale. Keep the arm in circular movement. Face the water to exhale.

For the real test, do all of these at once. Begin with your face down float, blow bubbles, kick and breathe while doing arm strokes. The key into learning how to swim is to relax. Once you’ve gained confidence in the water, swimming a lap or two will be easy.

Maria Espie

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