SEOs Take a Break Too!

As the old saying goes, ‘Work Hard, Party Harder’. If there’s one life lesson I learned that I would ‘pass down’ to the young ones today, I would encourage them to live life and travel the world. Money will always be there for you to earn. Gadgets will come and go. Clothes will go in and out of style. But discovering new places and experiencing something new, that’s priceless.

Besides, you need that breathe of fresh air to get those creative juices pumped up. 


So today, I won’t be sharing some SEO knowledge. Today, I will be sharing some photos I’ve taken from the recent travels I have. It’s not as grand as others but hey, travel is travel.


Coron, Palawan

Coron, Palawan

Caluerga, Batangas

Clouds on the way to Manila from Boracay

Clouds on the way to Manila from Boracay

Station 2 Boracay

San Fernando, La Union

For more of my photography samples, please check out my Tumblr. Can’t wait to see you at my next adventure!

Maria Espie

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