How to Remove a Stain

How to Remove a StainStains and removing them is every mom’s nightmare. Household cleaning can truly be a pain especially if you have an active family or young toddlers running around your home. No matter how rewarding the feeling is whenever you see your family enjoy and have fun, cleaning up after them can indeed be a burden.

The key to successfully removing any stain is to be quick about it. The longer you leave the stain untreated, the harder it is to remove. In fact, it might become impossible to get rid of. As soon as your carpet or garment has been stained, grab your bottle of stain removal formula and spray on the stained area right away. If you don’t have a stain removal formula, you can take a liquid detergent and was the stained area.

Identify what type of fabric you area dealing with. Cotton is cleaned differently compared to silk and wool. There are some fabrics that need special attention. Always check the tag for washing instructions. If it says safe for machine wash, then you can go ahead and clean it via machine. But if it requires dry or professional cleaning, bring the fabric to a local cleaner.

If you’re dealing with food stain, get a dull knife or spoon and scrape off the food from the fabric. Remove as much as you can. Then, apply the stain remover formula on the stained area. Let it sit for a few minutes until the stain disappears or has melted. Some fabrics don’t react well with stain remover formulas. It may cause bleaching or another damages to the garment. To be sure, test the fabric first.

If you’re using liquid detergent as your stain remover, apply a few drops on the stained area. Don’t rub it. But you can whoosh it around gently over the stain till you see bubbles. Let it sit for a few minutes. If the stain still persists, use an old brush and gently brush off the stained area. Work from the center of the stain outward. This prevents leaving a ring around the cleaned area. Then wipe it off with a dry clean cloth.

Handle the stained items gently. For regular stained clothing, you may just wash the garment after pretreating the stain. After pretreating the stains, throw the garment into the washer along with the other laundry load. But for other items, better read the instruction tags before washing them.

Avoid using heat. Dryers tend to make the stain permanent especially if you did not work thoroughly through the stained area. For safety, hang your fabrics on a clothes line and air dry them. This also helps whiten the stained area and prevent the stain from discoloring your material.

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