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And now, we’re down to the final installment of the #Facebook4Dummies series! Thank you so much for everyone who watched and shared this video series to their friends and colleagues.

I hope you have learned a lot as much as I did in creating this. Sorry if this took some time to publish as I’ve been busy catering to inquiries as a result of this video tutorial.

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What are the Five Essential Steps to Effective Facebook marketing?

Let’s do a quick recap!

1.) Learning who your target audience are. By knowing exactly who to target and where they can be found online, you can create the perfect plan to communicate with them through your social media channels.

2.) Making your profile stand out. Give your profile its own personality to represent your brand.

3.) Create a Social calendar. Evenly distribute valuable content throughout the week or month so you can consistently have your followers thirsty for more.

4.) Use Facebook Live and other Facebook Apps. Make sure you take advantage of the apps that integrate to Facebook so that you can easily communicate with your target audience.

Last but not the least….

Facebook Group Marketing.

Joining specific, target groups on Facebook is a great strategy for marketers who aim to increase their conversion on specific landing pages or even engagement on their posts. Learn more about the advantages of this strategy in my latest video below:


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