It’s finally here! The 4th installment of the Facebook 4 Dummies video series. Again, I apologize for the delay on the release of this video series as I’ve been sick for the past week.

For the past years, Facebook has collaborated with some of the most viral app developers. Remember those days you got addicted to Poker, Mafia Wars and Farmville? Yes, these third party apps have kept the ball rolling for Facebook during the early days–wherein the site is all about making its platform fun and exciting for the users.

Now Facebook is catering to the request of the marketers. They are now incorporating amazing apps on their system to help you improve your presence. And the biggest hit for marketers nowadays is Facebook Live. This app is becoming bigger by the second especially for brands who are looking forward to clean their reputation, or would want to strengthen their connection with their audience, etc.


Maria Espie

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