Online Reputation Management: A ‘Quickie’ List

online reputation management

User Generated Content packs quite a punch especially if it’s a negative implication to your product. Learn how to handle negative SEO with these effective online reputation management (ORM) strategies:

Engage in Community Management

The general idea in doing ORM for SEOs is to out-rank the bad review on search engines by creating non-website related new pages that would promote brand authenticity. It can be a page featuring your customers’ testimonials or a blog/blogs that promote your brand. But what if the bad review is on a high authority Forum like Warrior Forum? Almost impossible, right?

While most companies find it damaging to engage in communities like forums, it’s actually the most powerful tool you can use to improve online reputation. Community management and participation helps promote your brand’s authenticity, and reflect good customer service. But of course, you have to know when to draw the line.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for a Review

Majority of the consumers are more likely to get persuaded by a brand during evaluation phase. During evaluation phase, prospect clients are already decided that they’ll purchase the product. The only thing that’s left is to confirm, which brand they are going with. Make sure your brand is ready at this point.

Entice your customers to leave a review about your product on your Facebook page, or if you have an Amazon store, make sure they leave a couple of stars on your product page.

Promos and Contests

A good way to show your brand’s dedication in improving customer relationship is by running idea-based / co-creation based promos or contest. Make sure your project is tied up to your product and not just something that leans more towards philantrophy rather than promotion. Remember, the goal here is to double your sales, generate new ideas for product development, and improve brand reputation. If giving away an iPad doesn’t really help boost sales, why would you give one away?

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