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The internet has definitely changed our ways a lot. And with these changes come the need to evolve. You might still be handing out demos during gigs but we all must start looking things with the bigger picture in mind. Tech devices and the data superhighway got us all hooked up and this revolution is something to be taken advantage of, especially for musicians. Get the news out, spread the word, get online and get your music act online now!

The biggest social networking site with the biggest audience is without a doubt Facebook with 1.20 billion active users as of 2013. Literally everyone is on Facebook. Couple this with the use of partnering apps and sites assure that your page will become a potent marketing tool.

The “Look”
Make your page attractive! Caught attention = caught audience! Brand your “look”. Do make sure that that it remains consistent in your online presence, including your own website.

Relevant Info
Get your audience to know your band. Write a concise group bio that gets viewers into your music act quickly. Since you got that amazing band bio and website link on your FB page’s About Page make sure the bio is consistent to your website’s content as well. It’s also ideal to have individual member’s FB account to have related content including links to the band’s FB page and website.

What you Post
Have a healthy combination of varied posts as to not bore your audience. Combining photos, videos, links, and text in different ways are more effective in engaging your audience and also increases the chance of your links being clicked.

Make use of Tools
There are four app buttons in your Facebook band page. Wisely choose which are going to be there as these are effective tools in engaging and reaching out to your fans. It is recommended that you remove the Page Like app as that statistic is already displayed near your band name.

If you are already selling music then your appropriate Music Store page app should also be there.

Are you a new act? If so then you would want people to hear your demos so having a SoundCloud account is a no-brainer. It is one of the most popular free music hosting and streaming website and has lots of great features to help artists share their music. Your fans will be able to favorite, share and comment on your posted material.

Engage your audience through video content. Youtube is the top app for this that also acts as another social hub through your band’s Youtube Band Page. Post compelling live performances and interesting behind-the-scenes videos. Currently recording? Posting a series of short videos documenting the process is sure to generate lots of interest. Instagram and Pinterest would probably work for those into photos. Lots of video ideas would also work here.

The biggest benefit of social media networking is affording a music act the possibility being able to reach millions of potential fans in a short period of time and with no cost at all. Spreading your music act’s identity and carefully choosing what you post and the tools to be used will enable musicians to effectively reach out and engage a bigger audience.

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