Motivate Yourself: Don’t Resign, Just Try

‘Work ends when you start looking at your job as a career’

Recently, I’ve read an article from a popular online professionals’ magazine how statistics revealed that resignation is quite common among millennials. According to observations, these young professionals tend to be quicker in deciding whether they would stay in their current company or search for a greener pasture.

I’m not sure if Wikipedia’s definition of millennials is accurate, but being born late 80’s, I was totally disturbed by this study. Fortunately for me, I have a valid reason for every job change that I had. I’ve always been involved with BPO companies, which is obviously known for its high turnover rate. And most especially with SEO companies, the environment is so fast paced: one day you have a job spamming the net; the next day, Google implements an algorithm update that puts all your efforts to waste.

Now, it’s a tough competition for individual contractors as companies prefer to directly coordinate with them rather than a company. Aside from the fact that it’s cheaper to hire individual contractors, they have more control on the results and efforts exerted.

Going back, demotivation is not a single group of people’s problem. It’s an issue faced by every employee on the face of the planet. For me, demotivation is just a phase. There will always come a time when you feel like you want to give up on your job, that it’s not right for you. These are normal feelings—duh, we’re human beings! We grow weary and tired. There are days when we’re not at our peak performance and there are days when you’re a rockstar.


Motivate Yourself Don’t Resign, Just Try

It always Starts with a Decision to Try

One lesson that I truly cherished from Journalism school (particularly during my training with Manila times, the editorial assistant taught me well indeed) is to never lose that drive: drive to learn new things, drive to chase after your dreams, drive to be the best that you can be not just in your job but in life. You may not be the best in class, but with drive and motivation, you can go to the moon and back.

I kept this lesson close to my heart and used it as a weapon every time that I am faced with a challenge; particularly in this industry. And this is actually something I am proud of sharing during job interviews or client calls. I may not have marketing or IT educational background, but my willingness to learn has brought me to where I am in this industry. And I am not shy to admit that there are still a lot of things that I need to learn. But that has always been a part of the game, right? Learning doesn’t end when you receive that diploma.

It always starts with the decision to try. If you’re currently faced with demotivation, and you feel like you’re not moving anywhere (which is so much worse than moving down hill), don’t resign just yet. But don’t just sit down on your desk and wait for a miracle to happen. Take that initiative and address your problem.

Feel like you’re doing the wrong job? Maybe you can talk it out with your superior if you can try other roles and prove that you have the skill set for it.

Feel like you’re not being compensated enough? Feel like you’re not valuable to the company? Give your company proof that you’re worth the added pay. Draft a new project and step it up. But never let yourself be paid in applauses and recognition. Propose an evaluation that would entitle you for a raise.

Tired of competition? Don’t compete. Think security. Can you afford to lose your job today? Is it a good reputation on your end when the HR sees that the longest period you’ve stayed for a company is 6 months to 1 year?

Feel like you’re not fitting in with your workmates? Then don’t try to fit in. At least you’re more focused on doing what you’re supposed to be doing instead of winding up chit-chattering in the pantry wasting precious time.

At the end of the day, the grass will always be greener on the other side. And there will always be something negative in an environment, this is what actually makes your career interesting. Change will not come unless you decide to try, risk and give it your best shot.

NEGOTIATE. If it still didn’t work, regardless of how much work you’ve invested in it, then perhaps it’s time to think and talk it over with your boss. Don’t ever let yourself leave a company without a “bang”.

Maria Espie

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