Microwave Recipes – Coffee Mug Recipes in Just 2 Minutes!

I am a huge fan of Buzzfeed.com. It’s my go-to site when I feel stressed at work and I need to restart my brain and start writing again. From the cutest animal pictures to bizarre facts, from celebrity gossips, sports to news and current affairs, Buzzfeed publish it all in a light, humor filled way that makes you think of the world less ‘horrible’ than what most people thought it is.

One of my favorite categories to browse over on Buzzfeed is their DIY page. I’m not really a DIY project addict but these ‘life hacks’ are so much fun to do, you have to be a very boring person to not try them out! And since I’m a food fanatic, here’s one article I read that made me so excited to clean up our microwave oven and collect coffee mugs.

The title of the article is 18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug by Ariel Knutson. It’s a collection of easy to prepare recipes (and what I mean by easy is that you just need 2 minutes of microwave time to cook ’em) from quick breakfast meals to tasty desserts.

Here’s the link to the article and enjoy!


Maria Espie

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