Marketing Mate [EP.2] Why You Should NOT be Hesitant to Fire a Client


This week is a bit off topic from the usual and I’m sorry that the video is a bit low quality. It’s a hectic Friday and I’ve got a lot on my plate. But, I have a promise to make, and that is to give you a video blog every single week. 🙂

I like this topic because it speaks to every single freelancer. Not just SEO specialists or social media or VAs, but in general.

Have you ever encountered bad clients before? I know right. While there are understanding and passionate clients (as passionate as you are in growing in this industry), there are some who are very un-professional, rude, and very demanding.

I’ve had a few bouts in the past with clients. And like my colleagues, I would not let go of them because I needed the money and I would love to help out a start-up. However, there are some things that just won’t work especially if you don’t have that ‘chemistry’ every freelancer and employer should have.

Here’s my personal take on why you should not be hesitant to fire a client.

Maria Espie

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