[Marketing Mate Ep.4] Marketing Content Like ClickBait

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In today’s episode of Marketing Mate, we will be talking about using the principles of clickbait writing to attract cold traffic and retain warm traffic to your website. For the record, cold traffic can be considered as your target audience which has yet to hear about your brand. They are your potential clients, and possibly first time buyers. On the other hand, warm traffic are those who have already visited your website once or twice, have heard about your brand, and probably is already thinking about subscribing to your social media pages or email list.

As bad as most of its reputation is, Clickbait is actually a genius way to raise intrigue to your target audience. Unfortunately, most bloggers have abused this style to spread misleading information, trigger negative emotions among readers, and others. Marketers need to learn from these clickbait bloggers as they definitely know how to acquire (be it negative or positive) reactions from cold audience.

One principle we can immediately integrate in our content marketing efforts is proper Title Construction. Your article title plays the most valuable role as this is the first thing your readers see from your page.

By making your titles more intriguing, you can already set expectations and fuel your audience’s imagination about the article you’ve published.

Watch the first part of my newest Video Blog Series about Marketing Content Like ClickBait


Here’s a recent campaign that have implemented this strategy. They used to have very generic boring titles in their blog but when they explored integrating clickbait principles just last month, there has been major improvements in social traffic and overall traffic for blog landing pages.


For this other campaign, still using same principle in article writing, there was a 10% increase in the new users visiting the site.



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