Marketing by Email: An effective strategy in digital marketing

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Email marketing is one of the primary marketing strategies used by entrepreneurs to gather sales and website traffic. This technique has helped businesses in advertising their products to a wider and more specific set of audience.

The beauty of email marketing lies in the directness of communication. You are able to build or connect with prospected clients directly and on a personal note compared to pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

However, with the growth of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization), email marketing has been set aside and placed at the bottom of the effective digital marketing strategies list. Aside from the fact that free emails (Gmail and Yahoo mail) can detect which emails are spam and legit, it is likely for the reader to disregard such a promotional email.

That leaves us with the question: is marketing by email still effective?

What is email marketing?


Email marketing is a form of direct marketing through sending multiple email messages in the hopes of tightening the merchant-customer relationship. It strengthens and retains an existing merchant-customer relationship; and convince and acquire new clients. Usually, these email messages contain advertisements that promote promos, new products, packages and etc.


Just as most people think that the email marketing business is doomed, it is actually still being used by digital marketers. Today’s email marketing software programs can send thousands of emails in a click of a button with very little failure (spam) percentage.

Companies can actually save more using these programs. In one click of a button, you could reach millions of email users without the month payment of banner ads, PPC, and other forms of advertisements. And since it’s a direct approach, you are confident that you will reach your target audience.



Here are several advantages guaranteed by email marketing:

  • Businesses can track an exact return on investment (ROI) with email marketing. However, in order to obtain a decent ROI, you should build an extensive email list.
  • Advertisers are guaranteed to reach an ample amount of email subscribers.
  • There are millions of people owning at least one email address. Over half of Internet users check or send email on a typical day.



Most of the disadvantages in email marketing lie on bought (not collected) email list and dysfunctional software programs.

Once you’ve opted to purchase an email list instead of building one on your own, you have zero assurance that all the addresses are active. Worse case is that the majority of the email addresses on your bought list is inactive or has been deleted.

You will not be guaranteed conversion as well. What if these recipients are interested in football and not basketball? Who would visit your basketball-apparel-selling website? This goes the same with the email extractor software which gets random email addresses online. It is very risky to market in such an unverified domain.

Also, be careful when buying email marketing / email list building software online. There are reports about ineffective software applications that are a waste of money and effort. According to the report, these software programs averaged a delivery rate of 56%; 20% were rejected, and 8% were filtered or less.

Email marketing is applauded for its stability and its direct and specific approach. It has definitely surpassed traditional media in convenience, swiftness and expanse. Certainly, this is a marketing strategy worth investing in.

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