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Do you want to make money online? If you think you are a savvy writer and have the power to sway people with words, a career in online writing awaits you. You can get jobs like individual writing projects, be hired as a part of a web content/SEM (Search Engine Marketing) copywriting team; or make money through blogging. And we rely more on the Internet for information, more windows to opportunities.

One of today’s easiest, most convenient, and highly paid jobs are careers involving the Internet. Online marketing or e-commerce is a growing empire. The Internet has provided marketers with more profit yet lesser capital. No wonder businesses, big or small, have turned to this new medium for sales.

Making money writing 

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a process of improving visibility of a website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and etc. It is an online marketing strategy that helps boosts sales by determining how consumers use the Internet. SEO specialists look for the actual terms typed by consumers into search engines that are related to their products. They use these terms or “keywords” and incorporate these into their website through articles, blogs, link building strategies and others.

Today, search engines are content-driven. This means websites should have meaningful and valuable textual content in order to rank in search results. Google implements very particular regulations when it comes to web content and the use of keywords. This search engine no longer tolerates websites, blogs or articles stuffed with keywords. This pushed website owners to hire professional writers to fill up their pages with meaningful content.

There are numerous ways on how you can make money online through writing. I will provide detailed information on these opportunities in my next articles. As of now here are brief descriptions on how you can make money writing online.

You can start as a freelance writer and get involved with the freelance market. Browse for individual contractor projects in sites like Craigslist, Odesk, Elance, Getafreelancer, and others. Generally, you will be paid per article (rate also depends on the number of words).

Some contractors hire part-time and full-time employees as a part of their SEO team. If you want to get involved in this, you have to have at least a basic background in SEM and its techniques. There are specific requirements for SEO writing like proper keyword placement and keyword density.

Like in an office, your employer will give you a daily/weekly workload. Communication can be done via email or messengers like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc. For this type of freelance work, you will be paid on a monthly basis or every two weeks depending on your employer.

Another way to make money writing is through blogging. Blogging is the most powerful tool in internet marketing. You can apply as a professional blogger for websites. Make money through setting up your own blog and get paid for ads, affiliate program and others.

Writing for the Internet

Writing for the Internet is very different from writing for traditional print media like magazines, newspapers, and other publications. Print media values creativity and flair in using big words and idiomatic expressions to present a point. Writing for the Internet requires a much simpler style. To become an effective writer online, you have to be concise and direct to the point. It is better if you are able to express your thoughts in fewer and in the simplest words.

When you write online, it means you re writing for a general public. You should be able to convey your message clearly and it must be understood by everybody. A huge percentage of the world’s population has access to the internet. Computers are available even to those who weren’t able to finish a formal education.

Jargons and technical terms should always be explained and described completely. If you’re writing about diseases and cure, you have to define and explain every jargon that you use in the article. A huge percentage of your readers are not involved in the medical field. You have to bridge the gap between the lay man and medical experts through these articles.


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