Love and Facebook: How to Handle Things When Your Split Goes Public

breaking up on facebookIndeed, in today’s share-it-all world, it has become difficult NOT to stagger your Facebook profile with updates of your personal life. Especially with the availability of internet connection almost everywhere, logging online and uploading pictures on Instagram is just a matter of pulling out your smartphone even while you are on the road. Even if you delete them later on, you can’t deny the fact that a handful of your Facebook-addict friends have already seen them. You have already received a second of Internet fame from your online connections.

While sharing fragments of your daily life is normal even in non-virtual conversations, issues like break ups can be trickier and far more difficult to get over with if you and your lover are fond of sharing things over Facebook. Imagine the commotion on your wall once you change your relationship status from ‘In a relationship’ to ‘Single. I’m sure many of you have already experienced receiving messages even from people you don’t personally know asking details about your break up. Your comment box will be flooded with ‘Why’s’ and ‘What happened’ for days. And if you don’t take that down soon, your relationship status will trend for days.

Breaking Up on Facebook

Me and my ex used to travel a lot. Whether we travel with friends or solo, our pictures are automatically uploaded on Facebook and Instagram whenever I find an internet connection. Aside from traveling, we also enjoy finding good yet affordable food around the metro. You could just imagine how many photo albums I’ve uploaded over the past 1 year and 11 months that we’re together.

Although we didn’t really go ‘public’ and hid our relationship statuses on Facebook, you could sense it in our updates that things are a lot different than it used to. And it didn’t take a long time for people to realize, we’ve already broken up. And yes, I was not exempted. I was bombarded with questions from friends and colleagues.

Hence, I had no choice. I have to face everybody and give them an answer. Regardless if its honest or not, or if it’s in full detail or just the summary, I had to give them something to satisfy their curiosity. And that’s just the consequence of being ‘too loud’ on Facebook.

Your Personal Relationships and Facebook

It is perfectly normal for couples to be proud of their milestones and share some of their fondest adventures on their walls. Of course, you should always be proud of your special someone and sharing your sweet nothings comes automatically.

However, it is still best to be your own moderator and filter what you post. Draw the line. Make that call and limit yourself on what you should and should not share. It is better to have nothing on your wall than get grilled by the public for something that you want to keep private at least in the time being. Who would want to be constantly asked about an issue during the phase when you are most vulnerable?

Being in the public eye has its pros and cons. Just so you know, privacy is still possible in the social media world… if you think before you click.

Maria Espie

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