Link Building Strategies that Everyone Thought Died but Didn’t

In the past years, Google has scared everyone to do link building and for a good reason. Their Penguin update has been merciless on marketers cutting down their SEO efforts in half, if not all of it. Many agencies lost their credibility and those who weren’t able to step up their marketing game were forced to close down. As a SEO specialist in the Philippines, I have witnessed this ruthless killing of Google Penguin but on the bright side, it helped both the business and the marketers to grow and improve their performance according to the demands of their consumers. It is still a number’s game, but more focused on data and traffic.

link building strategies

Death of Link Building?

No. Unlike what most marketers think, link building has never died and never will. There are still a couple of techniques out there that can still actually help drive traffic and link juice to your web pages.

Here are some examples:

1.) Blog commenting – Although most bloggers are wise enough to implement a no-follow tag on links commenters leave on their site, blog commenting is still an effective tool to drive RELEVANT traffic to your site. I highlighted the word RELEVANT as you can see, because other half of the effort is in your hands.

Invest in finding blog articles that are actually RELEVANT to your service. Do not just focus on PR or domain authority but rather focus your attention on the amount of interaction on the page. The more blog users provide RELEVANT comments, the better.

Interact naturally. Agree or disagree to a point the blog article writer raised. Then, provide a reference that he can review in your website.

2.) Forum Commenting – This is something I highly recommend as I’ve seen results first hand.

Then again, this is still a matter of finding the right balance between spamming and adding value to the thread.

If the moderator says, you can’t post links yet. Do not rush! Do your thing and eventually gain that authority to publish a link.

3.) Directory submissions – There are several comminity websites/organizational websites that has their own directory or partner link. Find related websites or blogs that allow link submission and add in the page you want to promote plus reference. Again, the key here is RELEVANCE.

4.) Reddit – Social bookmarking might be dead for some but not for Reddit. This social site has seriously survived through the years and became a viral sensation in the states. It’s a very good source of traffic believe me.

5.) Yahoo Answers – Would you believe people still turn to these sites for immediate answers? But be careful on Yahoo Answers though. They’re catching up with the hype and deactivating accounts that spam their boards. If you want to invest in this, you have to do it naturally. Look at the date the question was posted. Older questions are to remain off limits.

And another tip: AVOID DOING THINGS IN BULK. Bulk spells trouble. Bulk link building is doing 50-100 a day targeting the same page over and over again and using the same profile and keywords. I’ve seen a lot of people who provide good relevant comments but still have been banned or penalized just because their names and links kept appearing everywhere. As much as possible, cut down on target keywords, try long tail and natural language anchor texts, and focus more on branding.

Keep it natural and informative. Focus more on the marketing side and not just on the ‘I have to create millions of backlinks’ mentality. If it’s not related to your product, don’t dare click submit.


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