Learn Why Local Content is the Best Weapon for SMBs

Local content

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Local SEO marketing has blossomed in the past years especially for small business owners. Google loves locations. And if you put that in your content, it makes it easier for Google’s spiders to categorize your content. We all know how smart Google has become and how it can easily alter search results from one location to another. It knows if you’re in the Philippines or in the US or in Australia. And if your content is not ‘local’, there are chances that your website gets pushed down at the search results. Well, it still depends.

Here’s a good article by Ronell Smith from Moz,  How Local Content is Helping SMBs Keep Big Brands at Bay, talking about how small businesses can take advantage of producing local content to take down their big brand competitors on Google.

The thing is that most SMBs are discouraged about writing good content for their websites. Whether its because they don’t have the time, no resources (no writers to write for them) or they’re not fairly confident, businesses are simply not doing it. Little did they know, they have every single advantage versus big brands in winning over their territories for the following reasons:

1.) These businesses are within the location already. If you’re a merchandise seller or even those who are into the food industry, you have higher chances of people ordering for your stuff simply because the shipping duration wouldn’t last as long as those big brands shipping from across town or across the country. It’s a distance advantage and you have to take over that.

2.) You are part of the culture. Since you are part of the community, it is easier for you to come up with content that will hit personal experiences. The great thing about local SEO is that since it’s very much targeted to the location of your choice, you can further narrow down your message.

To learn more on how you can take advantage of local content, visit the official Moz Blog or click on the link I’ve provided above.

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