Lady Gaga Faces Religious Sects in Asian Tour

GAGA VS. RELIGION. Stefani Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, has been in the midst of controversy recently after several protests ignited against her ‘Born This Way’ Ball Tour in Asia. Countries like Indonesia, China and now the Philippines have strongly expressed their opposition in her concert. According to government and religious authorities from these countries, the ‘vulgar’ singer promotes the word of evil and & worships Satan. Rumors about Gaga being an ‘Illuminati’ have become a viral sensation particularly after she launched the video for her smash hit ‘Alejandro’ and especially ‘Judas’.

Tonight (May 21, 2012) and tomorrow (May 22, 2012), Gaga is bound to perform at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Inspite the protests and shout out by the Catholic church and religious groups, thousands of Filipino fans are still attending the concert and ecstatic to see their idol perform live.

lady gagaWhy Gaga should be left alone?

I admit. I used to be a fan of Lady Gaga during ‘The Fame’ days. Aside from her catchy tunes and easy-to-memorize lyrics, I really loved her style. It was bold, fresh, and very edgy–which is rather rare for a pop star. Growing up watching Britney and Christina with their sexy, all out costumes; Lady Gaga pushed the boundaries in terms of style and edge. For me, she is the Madonna of my generation.

But eventually, I just had to lose interest in her.

Aside from the fact that her act is getting a little too dramatic and ‘staged’, the repetitive vibe no longer appealed to me. And just like any other ‘trending’ things, her star is dimming in my eyes.

Unlike what most people say, Gaga is not a satanist. Neither is she an Illuminati or disciple of the Devil. She is just a ‘fame’ addict who wanted to be talked about and stay on top as long as possible. I have seen old videos (these are recorded before she became a skinny, blonde girl covered in meat). Gaga or Stefani Germanotta is just another sweet, young girl wanting to make it in the industry. Her sound is as good (or even better) as Norah Jones and Alicia Keys. She knows how to tickle those keys like a fuck-nut! When I first heard and watched these videos, I literally had goosebumps. She was that good. And her voice is already awesome even without the autotune and other effects.

But her image was simply too common for the American audience.  So, the producers had to change her. They sold her soul to the devil and made her the ‘Gaga’ and Mother Monster that she is. (Insert sarcasm here.)

All of these offensive / heretic performances, lyrics and music are simply an ‘act’ for her to be talked about. This is her lifeline. As long as people are talking about it, and making a big deal out of it, she converts it into her fuel–to ignite her flame into fame. It’s like the concept of terrorism. The more you fear them, the more powerful they feel like. The more you give attention, the more they feel special.

Gaga feeds on these controversies and turn it into her own money-making machine. And it does work for her. It gives her exposure. She is being talked about. She is feared by religious sects. The public watches out for anything she says or does. As we say in Journalism, the people love sensationalism. And people love drama.

Maria Espie

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