Jonas Cano: A special talent

Jonas CanoWho says good music can only be heard from thousand to million dollars worth of instruments such as Gretsch, Fender, Ibanez or Pearl? This special kid from the humble province of Leyte, Philippines has proven how God works in mysterious ways. His YouTube Channel is now flooded with admiration as he shows off his musical talent to the world. His instruments, you say? Well, only the finest one there is: a drum set made from old baby milk cans and pure heart.

Beyond the brand

When I first watched his video of Carino Brutal (video below this article), I wasn’t moved to tears or felt sorry like what most Internet users say in their comments. I was awed. I was mesmerized how a young kid named Jonas Cano can produce marvelous renditions to songs by Slapshock and Bamboo using a drum set made out of old, rusty baby milk cans. I was mesmerized by how he played these cans as if he was in Araneta or in Redhorse Muziklaban. And what surprises me the most is how he made these tin cans sound like the real thing.

Being an amateur musician myself for 5 years, I’ve never encountered such a talent as inspiring and as pure as Jonas. The way he slapped those improvised drum sticks (made from plant stems) onto those cans are simply admiring. He’s got a keen set of ears. And his brain, though it is not as fully developed as most of us, has the capacity to remember every single detail of a song. That is simply amazing.

According to the YouTube channel, Jonas was able to memorize over a thousand songs (on drums and on guitar). His condition of having autism (inaccurate) did not stop him from becoming musically inclined. Being financially challenged, Jonas’ parents weren’t able to determent whether or not he was suffering from autism or Down syndrome. Regardless of whatever mental ailment he’s got, it does not matter. His talent is something that should be exposed not only locally, but also to the entire world.

I did not admire him because of his passion for music inspite of his physical condition. I was amazed because of what he can do with such limited resources. I’ve never encountered anybody who can play a cover so accurately and make it sound like the real thing by using tin cans.

In a nutshell, I do hope this child gets the spotlight that he deserves. If you want to donate or sponsor this kid with a real life drum set, check out his YouTube channel now.

Maria Espie

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