Instagram Tips from Fortune 500 Companies

Using Instagram Towards Your Advantage as According to Fortune 500 Companies


Instagram Marketing may seem a little discreet as compared to Facebook but its power is undeniable. At the end of the day, people tend to be visual and Instagram is the best platform for that. For me, those 15 second clips are a cliffhanger and you know what, it actually works in the advantage of marketers–you want more? Click my link in the bio. Perfect Click bait and sometimes, auto-follow!

Compared to Facebook, Instagram users tend to be more artistic and personal. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, it is important for marketers to hit those emotional buttons from their readers and trigger their buying impulse.

Here’s a great round up article by Danny Goodwin from Search Engine Journal on the top 5 lessons you can learn from Fortune 500 companies in using Instagram. From time of posts to filters most used and captions with highest engagement, this article pretty sums it up for yall:

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