Hot Yoga and Detoxification

benefits of hot yoga

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Bikram Yoga or hot yoga is becoming hugely popular not only among celebrities but as well as for athletes. Like the conventional form of yoga, hot yoga is focused on improving the body’s flexibility and strength. It is the best way to relieve stress and tension that you feel on a daily basis due to work and other factors. Hot yoga helps your body look and feel better on a different level.

Hot yoga involves 26 different poses done in a session of 90 minutes inside a heated room. Because you practice in a heated room, you will seat intensely. It will stimulate detoxification the body and if you have any injuries, hot yoga can enhance the healing process.

The postures that are practiced throughout every session in hot yoga can help tone, lengthen and strengthen your muscles making you look and feel better. With regular practice, you will notice improvements in your balance, posture and coordination.

In a well-rounded yoga practice, every part of the body is pushed, pulled, twisted, turned and upended,” explains New York City yoga teacher Witold Fitz-Simon, founder of the blog. “This facilitates the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide, lactic acid and lymphatic fluid from the deep tissues and extremities of the body that a jog or a bike ride just doesn’t reach.”

The way yoga highlights proper breathing techniques also has a positive toll on the body. Yogic breathing has an important role in promoting detoxification. “We have as many bad habits in breathing as we do in every other area of our lives,” Fitz-Simon explains. Sitting with poor posture can promote the lungs from inflating fully, and our chronic state of low-grade stress often leads to a clenched diaphragm. As a result, our body is restricted of the life-sustaining oxygen during inhalation as well as; we are unable to release as much carbon dioxide during exhalation.

Yogic breathing helps clear out carbon dioxide from the lung tissue, stimulates the organs of digestion and can, over time, retrain the diaphragm to move freely,” Fitz-Simon says. When diaphragm moves with its natural fluidity, the abdominal organs are massaged and the lungs are fully emptied with every breath.

benefits of hot yoga

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Top 5 Benefits of Hot Yoga


Increased Vitality

Hot yoga can help you gain more spring in your step and recover the “vim and vigor” of youth. It can reverse the elements of aging and be able to take much deeper breaths throughout the practice of proper breathing techniques.

Weight Loss

Most people practice hot yoga, or any yoga, to help them lose weight. The heated room creates a much safer approach to your yoga practice and allows you to stretch quicker and deeper. This leads to stronger flexibility in the muscles and therefore burn fats.


Since hot yoga is done in a heated room, you will sweat profusely which will lead to massive elimination of toxins from the body. It is indeed possible to drop up to 10 pounds of sweat in one class of hot yoga.

Increased Mental Clarity

As the body is cleansed, the mind is sharpened. Regular practice improves mental clarity.

Reduced Stress

The consistent practice of proper breathing techniques on a daily basis automatically provides instant relief to stresses.


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