Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word

If you haven’t seen this mind-blowing video, here it is.

Jefferson Bethke is taking YouTube by storm as he uploaded his poem / spoken word song titled Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus. Its lyrics contained hard hitting ‘realizations’ and comparisons of why the church/religion is the opposite of Jesus. And it has brought fuel to the fire once again to the the long-running debate against the Catholic church.

For centuries, the church has encountered quite a handful of opponents. There was Martin Luther King, Gallileo, and the others. And as we all know, the church stands still and it stands strong and tall.

Bethke is just one of the many who attempts to uncover the ‘mystery of the church’.

Personally, I don’t have anything to say to this issue. I believe Mr. Bethke has said it all.

Maria Espie

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