Google to Index Tweets from Influencers First

With Google’s regained access to Twitter’s database earlier this year, it can be expected that we can see a lot more of Tweets getting indexed in the search engine results. However, according to recent study by Stone Temple Consulting and article by Search Engine Journal, to-date, only 3.4% of Tweets are indexed by Google. Is this surprising? Not really. Actually, it’s a good sign as compared to the 0.6% of tweets in Google’s index prior to its partnership with Twitter has taken effect. I would take this 466% increase any day.

Google to Index Tweets from Influencers First

Why aren’t all tweets indexed? STC’s Eric Enge suggests it could be because Google is still testing its indexation of tweets and making adjustments before indexing all tweets (SearchEngineJournal). Hence, perhaps we should focus on the good news that Tweets are getting indexed and sooner or later, the amount of tweets in Google’s index will increase through time. We have to consider that millions of internet users are ‘tweeting’ on a regular basis and indexing all of these tweets can certainly take some time even for the world’s number one search engine.

As of Enge’s observations, those with huge sums of followers are getting VIP treatment first. “Both February and June [numbers] show a strong bias towards indexing content tweeted by people with larger follower counts,” Enge says in the study. Google is looking into authoritative figures first in their testing.

In a Nutshell..

Obviously, this is an opportunity for marketers waiting to be tapped. Keeping your social media presence strong does not only allow you to improve your brand’s awareness but it also helps your site prepare to something bigger… like semantic.

Maria Espie

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