Google Announces Mobile Friendliness a Ranking Factor for Mobile Search

The time is up for webmasters! You might have to speed up on your quest to turning your websites into mobile friendly as Google recently announced that they’ll be expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal for mobile search.

In the past months, Google has already been testing quite a handful of labels and tags they could use to improve mobile search as according to the users’ device. One of the most successful testing was Google’s use of the label “mobile friendly” for responsive websites listed in the mobile search results. Google has also been testing red and green tags which help indicate the website’s speed.

google mobile friendly search

Nevertheless, it now made official that Google will implement a change in mobile ranking that will widely affect your site’s organic traffic on a rapidly growing user base. And it all starts on April 21.

Read more about Google’s announcement here:

Maria Espie

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