Google Adwords Express – G+’s Response to FB Ads or Not?

google adwords express logoPardon me if this is old news, but I’ve discovered an quick and easier tool for local SEO specialists–Google Adwords Express. I’ve been playing with it for almost a month now and I must say, I find it more user friendly especially and fool-proof especially for those who have zero experience in keyword bidding like myself.

The reason why I tagged it as G+’s response to FB Ads is that, marketers have the option to link their G+ Business page or a custom URL page, show street address in the map to their local office (if their Business page has already been verified), plus phone number. The ad is responsive, which means you can still see it on mobile search engines and can cater to direct call conversion (clicking on the phone number). Hence, unlike in Facebook, Adwords Express is not exclusive to G+. It extends to search engines and other members of Google Display Network.

Pros and Cons

The major advantage leans in favor of localized campaigns. Adwords Express ads appear on the right side of the SERP. [See screenshot below].

google adwords express

Here we can clearly see that the location of the business (most relevant to the search query) is shown through Google maps. Plus, the contact number is also visible within the ad text itself. All necessary details the prospective client needs is already there.

Plus, mobile net usage is growing by the minute these days. Even Matt Cutts attested that Mobile Search might take over desktop search within this year 2014. Mobile search is more focused on localized content campaigns. In a later topic, I will discuss more about mobile SEO.

Next, those who are targeting super expensive keywords may find a more profitable solution to their ads campaign. Google will let you choose among the categories they have provided where you want your ad to appear in. For example, you have an ad related to food service. Google will most likely ask you if you want your ad to appear in local restaurant searches, equipment for restaurant searches, among others.

The website I’m currently working on is targeting rather expensive keywords. Although the business owner is not really short of funds, I’m not sure if it’s the best keywords to target since he’s not really getting enough valuable leads. Adwords Express has complete control on when and where your ad appears however, they are very transparent in showing you which keywords were used by the internet users to find your ad. [See Screenshot Below]

google adwords express dashboard

You can see how many times your ad was viewed using a certain keyword and how many clicks it got. There’s also data provided for conversion tracking (if you have defined it on your Google Adwords account). At least, with this data, you can double check your regular Ads campaign and replace keywords with the one that’s actually working.

On the flip side, Adwords Express would not work out for you if you’re catering to a global project or if you’re an online service provider like myself. Ask for consultation rates here It is indeed made for local businesses for a cheaper and more targeted campaigns.

Either way, my experience with this tool is still quite short for me to box Adwords’ express power in terms of reach and conversion. I’m open to your suggestions and stories.

What do you think about this tool?
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