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Guest Blogger Bike Viñas shares his tips on how to do successful Facebook marketing! Connect with him via LinkedIn.

facebook marketing tipsEngaging clients is great and when carefully executed can result to actual sales. An effective Facebook campaign help will you reach your goals and would define the translation of page traffic into actual clients. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you do a Facebook campaign right!

Who spends more? Social Media followers!

For the amount of social media followers and possible traffic, social media is a cost-efficient and effective tool for studies, sales, marketing, customer care, and retention. Exciting content and interactive promotions are a must! Social media is a worthwhile avenue to invest in especially if the page has already crafted a loyal and active community of followers. These people want to be kept updated and would likely spend more money than other clients.

Keep them glued!

You’ve already “captured” them the moment they followed you or liked your page. These “likes” are a gold mines waiting to be discovered. Know how your product relates to your followers. A well-constructed campaign with a controlled interactive experience makes for an active relationship that stimulates your community of followers. Make sure that your websites are updated with your social media content as well.

Compelling Content
Post about relevant and interesting materials. Posting blabber just for the sake of being active just won’t cut it. Interesting materials engages the entire readership. Even your followers would be active in posting. The community would probably be even be posting / sharing your page, sort of like a word-of-mouth buzz, directing traffic to you! Some of these interesting contents are:

• Questions – Interesting questions poke your readers’ interests engage activity.

• Audience Submitted Photos – Having your readership give contributions is a great way to engage activity. Readership photos on your events or with your products are also a great way of “giving back” to your subscribers.

• Customer Service – As much as you want to promote positively on your social media channels, this medium is also a great way to provide an extension of your customer service. Updates and relevant concerning your valuable clients would probably reach them faster if addressed through social media. There could also be posts about problems and replying to them swiftly can alleviate further escalation. This also improves your image as your readership knows that their concerns are being timely addressed.

• Contests and Giveaways – Giving free stuff or having contests sure attracts lots of attention and provides lots of traffic. But first off, check your social media’s guidelines. That’s https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php for FB and https://support.twitter.com/articles/68877-guidelines-for-contests-on-twitter for Twitter. You may also be using other social networking sites so please do check out their guidelines as well. Following these ensures that your contests / promotions are legit and that you are not endangering your page and valued readership with disputes from your social media site.

• Inside Scoop Materials – People love to know what’s in a secret. Content like behind-the-scenes photos, pre-release news and the like are sure to engage your readership.


Quick replies to posts, client queries and the like are surefire ways to engage your readership. Use your social media site’s features to be able to interact much more effectively.

To sum it up, clicks, likes, and followers affect lots of relevant matters in the online world such as website visits, period of time spent on webpage and the actual conversion from follower/liker to a client. Creative planning and careful execution of social media campaigns are sure to achieve your goals and bring your wallet closer to the bank!

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