Facebook Likes Hack: How to gain more likes with less to zero cost on ads?

Facebook and Zuckerberg has come a long way since its launch back in 2004 – from a simple social networking site for people to connect to a powerful digital marketing platform for startup entrepreneurs and corporations to build their brand reputation and drive substantial visits to their website. ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ became the standard metric to help you gauge how viral your posts are and how authoritative your fan/business page.  It’s not enough that you have a gazillion page likes. If you have almost zero engagement, those Likes are as good as nothing.

When my client shared with me a video tutorial and a couple of .pdf readings he bought from a social media expert online, to be brutally honest, a huge smirk crossed my lips and I did feel a little hurt. Basically, the module he bought teaches techniques we have already been doing previously for his site to improve his click-through-rate. Oh well, perhaps it sounded more convincing since it costs him a little extra. It’s the same mentality I have when I go to the gym though. I feel more obligated to follow the routine in the gym as compared to working out at home because I don’t want to waste the money I paid for the equipment. LOL!

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Or perhaps, it’s only now that some marketers discovered the power of engagement and interaction after Facebook developed a stricter algorithm.

A couple of months back, not sure if it’s late 2013 or early 2014, Facebook announced that they’ll be limiting fan pages’ posts reach to merely 10% of your page’s fans. This moved marketers to finally notice and take advantage of Facebook ads and sponsored posts. It’s still business after all, right?

Early this year, Zuckerberg and his team have also announced another update in their algorithm. Facebook will be keeping an eye on promotional posts and promised users to decrease the presence of such in the news feeds. These continuous Facebook algorithm updates have certainly taken a toll on small business owners who rely on their business pages for leads.

Then again, don’t overspend your budget on ads just yet without trying these tricks on how you can improve your post likes and shares.

Join Facebook Groups – One of the forgotten features on Facebook until recent years. Joining niche specific groups with a substantial amount of members can help you grow your page’s fan base at zero cost. Hit that share button and choose the group that you want to share your post/story with. Just make sure you have a viral story to share though and a good, large image to go with it. Take note of the group’s moderator regulations as well. You don’t want to be banned at your first attempt to post.

Find Related Interest/Community Pages – Commenting and liking other pages’ posts is always a good way to interact with other Facebook users especially when you’re contributing to a poll or survey. Make sure you leave a significant comment and not a simple ‘thank you for posting this’. If you want to stumble gold, you can add a link to a blog article you have posted on your website or fan page as topic reference. But be careful not to abuse this though as you might be reported for spam.

Share Viral Posts on Your Page – This is not something for the ‘corporate’ but it is something blog owners can consider particularly those who are active on Adsense and other forms of affiliate marketing. Go to Facebook’s search bar and look for related posts/photos/videos with thousands of likes and share it on your fan page.

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Maria Espie

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