Facebook Hack: Getting Free Traffic with Group Marketing

Hey guys, this will just be a short article on how me and my team have increased social media traffic for a website we’ve been optimizing for the past 6 months. Please watch the videos below to learn more how we’ve achieved an increase of 18.88% sessions (22.22% are new users) and an average session duration of 46.61% in one month versus previous month through group marketing.

Social Media Group Marketing

And we only have exerted effort on this website on Facebook! Imagine if we get things started on our Linkedin profile and Google Plus? We’re currently making adjustments on our content calendar and tapping into industry trends to get things rolling.

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Your Recipe for Viral Content:

So what makes a viral content?

  • What’s in it for me? – What would you want your audience to do after reading your content that would benefit both your business and your readers?
  • Tap into trending topics – the key to success in content marketing is to be able to tap into viral content in a matter of ….NOW.
  • A Lot of Word Play – if you have noticed, most content with thousands of shares and likes on Facebook have ‘teasers’ as headlines. It’s either:
    1. Question – did you know?
    2. How to’s – how to [achieve desired action] without experience or how to [achieve desired action] like [this successful person]
    3. The ‘Wait for It’ – she was caught by her husband, you’ll never expect what happened next
  • Video or Image – this is your initial bait. Make sure you attach an interesting image along with your headline. (Use this tool my client taught previously to check headline score: http://coschedule.com/headline-analyzer)

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Maria Espie

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