[EP 5] Marketing Mate: Lead Paragraph Writing Secrets

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Welcome to another episode of It’s a Writer’s World: Marketing Mate!

I am very excited about this newest video as here I will be sharing some tips and tricks, well my very own personal secrets to content structure and content writing.

As I’ve said in this blog, singing is my love and writing is my mistress.

I can’t get enough of this even as a hobby. At the end of the day, I always go back to being a content strategist; thinking what story to write next and what approach to use, and make a topic relateable.

So here’s the gist for this week’s Marketing Mate Episode.

I will be talking about how you can effectively write your lead paragraph especially if you’re aiming to write content that serves as your lead magnet to potential clients.

The lead paragraph plays a crucial role in every content. After you’ve railed in your audience as they’ve read your Headline somewhere (perhaps on Facebook or Reddit), you now have the opportunity to sell your content to them through your lead paragraph.

The lead paragraph should tell all the juicy stuff without giving it all away. It’s best if it’s formatted in a Problem + Goals achieved format so that people will be more enticed to read through.

It’s common for writers to be very wordy. Of course, we love words we love to express our feelings as we write through. However, that spells disaster if you’re aiming for web content and you just have 4 seconds to impress an audience.

Remember, audience’ attention span is SUPER short.

You may think your content is good enough but you’ll be surprised that for some, it’s not.

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