Effectively Relaunching Your Online Marketing Campaign: Where do I Begin?

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I’m so sorry for being absent in the past couple of weeks and keeping It’s a Writer’s World a little quiet. LOL, as if a lot of you have missed me! Since gearing my focus towards providing tips on improving SEO and overall online presence, I’ve received so many digital marketing inquiries and recommendations from friends. And it’s quite interesting to share how I’ve received more inquiries about how their websites could relaunch their online marketing campaigns or how they can get back on track after a Google Penalty. It’s also interesting to note how some business owners are clueless that they have already been penalized.

Everything I thought I know about this industry suddenly changed. Since SEO and internet marketing has been around for quite some time, it was quick to assume that marketers are already doing it. Well, at least do social media promotions like on Facebook or Linkedin. Apparently, I was wrong. Many marketers are still at a loss on how they can completely utilize their assets including social media to build brand awareness, gather leads, and spark engagement.

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Back at One or Not?

Just because you have a bad experience with SEO companies in the past does it mean that you’ll be starting from scratch on your campaigns. One good way to deal with the damage caused by old techniques is to verify if these are the actual culprits to your website’s downfall. Some marketers I’ve conversed with had been very frantic learning about how SEO has evolved and how old techniques like blog commenting or directory submission have placed their site’s life at risk. Hence, when I’ve conducted a quick audit on their website, it’s completely not the case. In fact, most of the problem areas lie within the website itself (ex: keyword stuffing, meta tags not optimized, duplicate content, etc.).

Today’s your lucky day! I’ll be sharing a short checklist that you can copy/do so you can conduct a quick audit for yourself and see how much improvement or ‘overhaul’ your site needs.

  • Check the popularity of your target keywords. Are your keywords still being searched? How many monthly searches do these get today? What countries is this search term popular in?
  • Check how many of your website’s pages are still indexed and deindexed for the past months Are your pages being deindexed by Google? You can use Webmaster Tools to check this if you have it installed.
  • Check for duplicate tags by using Screaming Frog. Duplicate tags particularly Title Tags can get your site/pages flagged for duplicate content, thus increase chances of getting deindexed from Google search. If you spot tags exceeding character limit or duplicate, perhaps it’s time to do a revisit on your meta data. But of course, check for ranking first.
  • Check your web traffic’s performance. When did my traffic started to decline? Was there ever a time it climbed up after your fall or did it stay that way? When did the decline started? What are the most active pages?
  • See if your content is still up to date. Did you spot too much keywords stuffed in your text?
  • Logon to Majestic.com or Open Site Explorer and see how you fair in terms of backlinks. Can you see traces of black hat SEO or negative SEO? Did you spot Chinese characters used as anchor text? A great tool to use is Moz’ spam score which will grade each of your backlinks if they’re spammy or not.
  • Check on your competitor. Did you notice if they did major improvements on their website or is it the same old theme or content? Either way, both should inspire you to work on improving yours, right?

By following this quick audit/checklist, you can see how extensive of a work do you need to do to bring your online marketing campaign back to life. But of course, it wouldn’t hurt to get some help from an internet marketing specialist to get a more comprehensive audit. 😉

Maria Espie

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