Does Guest Posting Really Work? An in-Depth Look at the Blogger Outreach Process


Many SEO specialists and content marketers are hesitant to do guest posting and blogger outreach for one reason: it is VERY TIME CONSUMING. And this is something I have to agree with.

For the past half a year, I’ve been diving into blogger outreach as main strategy to build credible backlinks for several clients–whether it be for a guest post, or resource link building, or replacing broken backlinks.

However, despite the long wait, and hundreds of thousands of emails sent to different bloggers, manually tracking their response or through tools like Ninja Outreach and Buzzstream, I would have to say, I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

The thing about this kind of approach is that you don’t just earn a credible backlink. You also earn a sort of ‘recommendation’ from a content publisher. If you have heard about Influential Marketing, this is the other half of the work that’s needed to be done (the other one is social media promotion).

Why? It’s very simple: if people are keen to find information online about a certain brand, product, or service, they would go to Google. Not Facebook.

Thus, you would want those guest posts (recommendations) to fill up the first page/s of Google along with your product pages.

Let’s check some stats..

This client of mine has been spending quite some time in building credible backlinks through guest posting and resource link building.


As you can see, Referral traffic and Organic traffic are two of the highest driving channels for this website. They are a popular SME which is why they are flooded with direct traffic already.

What I would really want you to focus on is the Average Session Duration and the Bounce Rate. Apparently, the highest session duration and lowest bounce rate also come from Referral traffic. Even for pages/session, Referral Traffic is the one giving them the highest data.

What does this mean?

As a content marketer, I am personally obsessed with knowing how my content has reached people, influenced them, or if in anyway has it interested them.

By learning about how much they spend on my content on an average or how fast they left the site, it gives me a benchmark on what type of content is really attracting my target audience. Is my content interesting enough for my readers?

The longer they stay on my website, the higher the chances that I influence them, the better I can convince them to convert.

But of course, let’s not forget to look into Interests data to double check who are we really targeting. It doesn’t come in automatically that if you’re having spikes of traffic from a certain channel, does it mean that you are hitting the right target audience. You have to CONFIRM that.


Since this client is B2B, particularly catering to computer/laptop dependent companies, it is evident that we are hitting the right market with our technique without actually tapping into Ads.

Tips in Doing Guest Posting

If you want to effectively do guest posting…

You have to have the right tools with you. Invest in Ahrefs and Buzzstream or Ninja Outreach. Ahrefs is an amazing tool so you can take a peek at backlinks from your competitors.

Buzzstream works better for me in handling outreach campaigns. It’s less buggy compared to Ninja Outreach. Either way, what works for you is fine.

List down your Competitors. Where else would you look for a good backlink than those already found by your competitor/s? Since your competitors are already linking back in these sites, there’s 80% chance that they’ll be interested in your proposition.

Hence, if you are the trendsetter if your industry, it can get tricky. This is where manually searching for relevant content publishers come into play. Got to get your Google skills prepped up for this.

Contact those who are already publishing similar content as yours. I’ve had a client before who’s trying to automate things and scraped all websites with certain keywords in them for contact. You can only automate as much as you can. Strategic link building process like this one still need human element to ensure that you are targeting the right websites. Make sure you look into content publishers that are actually related to your niche.

If you’re selling a time tracking software, contact those who are publishing content about time management, remote team work management, productivity, team monitoring, etc. These are the people who would highly accept your invite.

Learn to prioritize and bargain. Don’t give the same effort for each and every guest post opportunity. Check on their domain authority, traffic estimates, and social following before you start drafting your content. Those with higher domain authority, traffic, and social presence obviously deserves juicier, longer content for obvious reasons, you have a wider reach in these sites.

If you can squeeze it in your time, get your graphic designer create an infographic for you to pair with the content. Or, mere stats would do. Though people are more visuals nowadays.

But that doesn’t mean you can ignore the ones with low DAs and social following. Of course, it is an honor that they’ve agreed to publish your content. Give them a brief yet very informational article that would get their followers interested as well.

Do it as a Collab rather than Sales Pitch. Some marketers tend to oversell their website in their outreach email. Be as friendly as possible and try to make it seem like a collaboration. A good introduction would be to highlight which article of them you have read and why it has interested you. Then, you pitch in doing a collaboration article with them.

But of course try to convince that you write the whole thing yourself and they can simply do edit work. Say something in the line of, “I can start drafting the article and you can review them if it fits your standards.” Or “If you’re a bit tied in your schedule, I could start drafting the article and you can review it if it meets your standards”.

In a Nutshell…

Yes, it’s a lot of work. But we can’t deny the quality results driven by guest post opportunities. Be it traffic-wise, organic rankings, or even leads.

Start creating your content calendar and build up your contact list!

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Maria Espie

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