Do More With Less: How can You Maintain the Production of Quality content with Little Resources?

content-writing-tipsHere’s an interesting topic I’ve encountered in SEO Organization Philippines group on Facebook: how can you, as digital marketing specialist, do more with less in terms of producing quality content?

Content is King

..always has been and always will. Regardless if it’s an article or an image, podcast audio or video, content will always be the reason for your website’s traffic, why you have leveled up to becoming an authority in the subject matter, and ultimately, gain monetary conversion. I wouldn’t elaborate more on this topic as the members of SEO Organization Phil’s have Here are the suggestions from the thread that I believe would work out for marketers:


1.) ASSESS YOUR NICHE. Analyze your website, your product and your target audience. What attracts prospective clients into liking your social media page, fill out your contact form, subscribe to your newsletters or purchase a product? As what I’ve mentioned in the Article:’Is Keyword Research Dead?’, not all niches benefit from ranking #1 in Google.

High risk services like construction companies, remodelling contractors or even real estate need more than just ranking but rather be proactive (establish social media profiles) and become the authority in their industry (share valuable information like how to’s or ‘secrets’). Since we’re talking about shelling out huge amount of money by hiring these services, careful planning and thorough research is done on the client’s end first before closing the deal. From there, you can determine what type of content your website needs and what aspect of content marketing is best to practice. You might be doing blogger outreach but then it’s not really driving you enough traffic to reach your KPI, right?


2.) ASSESS YOUR TRAFFIC ACQUISITION. What page drives most traffic to your website? What is your users’ behavior once they landed on the entrance pace? How high is the bounce rate for the unpopular pages? By gathering these information, you can clearly focus on topics that work and attract.


3.) HIRE AN EXPERIENCED WRITER. If your niche is a bit technical, don’t gamble on newbie writers. Hire someone with concrete knowledge about the industry especially if you’re a little crunched up on the financial side.


4.) COMPENSATION SHOULD BE FAIR. Culture is not the only important aspect why employees stay with a company. Accept the fact that money matters the most for everyone. Why did they take the job in the first place?


5.) HEALTHY WORK-LIFE BALANCE. Allow your writers to be their creative self. We have to realize that writing is also a form of art and requires creative juices to flow freely. Don’t stress out your people too much. Establish a well-organized project management system with the content manager. Avoid overtime if possible. Well all professions should avoid overtime altogether, or else, something in your work flow is not working out (work efficiency).


Update 3/9/2015

6.) PRACTICE CONTENT REPURPOSING. This is another practical and creative way to do more with less. Content repurposing is the process of reinventing your existing content and market them to completely different channels. Example, you have a timeless blog article that gathered so much hits in the past. You can take that article and turn it into an infographic which you can share in infogprahic sharing sites like Reddit, Slideshare, or Then, you can turn that infographic to a slides presentation or webinar or a mind map after a couple of weeks. Not only does it help you save up on budget but this process also helps your writers time and stress in digging for new topics to write about especially for tough technical niches with very limited resources.


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