How to Get Rid of Sore Throat

how to get rid of sore throatSore throat is a very common health condition we all experience. It can be triggered by common colds, flu or even the abrupt changes in weather. Either way, suffering from a sore throat can lead to an unproductive day at work, difficulty in swallowing, and even lost of voice.

Generally, a sore throat is characterized by an inflammation of the pharynx accompanied by scratchiness in the throat. It is communicable in most cases and can be caught by air. This is why if you have children, it is a must for you have to learn how to get rid of your sore throat fast. Continue Reading

Losing Weight after Pregnancy

How to Get Your Pre-pregnancy Body Back


Doing post pregnancy exercises are important for mothers to regain their strength and recover entirely. However, you must not overdo it

losing weight after pregnancy

especially during the first few months after giving birth. In most cases, doctors recommend moms to wait for six weeks before they could do basic exercise routines. But if you have been active during your pregnancy, you may be allowed to start earlier than 6 weeks. Nevertheless, it is still best to consult your doctor first before doing any routines.

Exercise is good for you. However, you should not force yourself into doing rigorous activities if you feel that you cannot. Your body needs time to heal. You also have to adjust to your new role as a mother and care for and bond with your baby.

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How to Lose Excess Pounds Easily the Healthy Way

How to Lose Excess Pounds Easily the Healthy WayWhile there are so many ways on losing weight, not all of them are proven safe. As a matter of fact, you are not even assured that you’ll be able to keep the weight you lose off in a long time. While it is enticing to try these easy weight loss methods, they do not promise long term effects.

Certainly, trying out these crazy diets can shed off extra pounds easy. But once you stop, you’ll put on twice your original weight. These crazy fad diets may also bring about serious side effects due to unhealthy eating. It may put your health at risk. This is why it is better for you to learn how to lose 10 pounds the healthy way.
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Healthy Fast Food Choices

healthy fast food choicesObesity is a serious health problem in America today. Recent statistics confirmed that at least 33% of the American population is obese with approximately 17% of them are children and adolescents. As the numbers grew, many have been alarmed with the possible complications related to obesity. Some of the obesity related diseases include hypertension, heart problems, diabetes, and colon cancer.

In the event, many have been blaming our excessive fast food consumption and sedentary lifestyle. Most of us rely on McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants for our meals due to our busy work schedule. Compared to home cooked meals, fast food provides us with delicious convenient to eat meals in a few minutes. And you don’t even have to sweat going to the supermarket to buy ingredients.

Certainly, it is inevitable for us not to munch on fast food. Especially in these economic times, honestly, who has time to cook a meal? On the bright side, there are items on fast food menus that are not as bad as most of us think. In fact, some of them contain less calories and fats than your regular home cook meals.

Below is a list of healthy options in several fast food restaurants menu. Actually, healthy food options have always existed in many fast food menus. It is just that either most of us have overlooked them and focused on the tasty junk food, or, we do not realize that it’s low cal.

By learning the nutritional information of each food item, you can now eat at your favorite restaurant without the guilt.





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Hot Yoga and Detoxification

benefits of hot yoga

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Bikram Yoga or hot yoga is becoming hugely popular not only among celebrities but as well as for athletes. Like the conventional form of yoga, hot yoga is focused on improving the body’s flexibility and strength. It is the best way to relieve stress and tension that you feel on a daily basis due to work and other factors. Hot yoga helps your body look and feel better on a different level.

Hot yoga involves 26 different poses done in a session of 90 minutes inside a heated room. Because you practice in a heated room, you will seat intensely. It will stimulate detoxification the body and if you have any injuries, hot yoga can enhance the healing process.

The postures that are practiced throughout every session in hot yoga can help tone, lengthen and strengthen your muscles making you look and feel better. With regular practice, you will notice improvements in your balance, posture and coordination.

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