Budgeting Tips for New Mothers

budgeting tips for new mothersHaving a baby is both fun yet expensive. The preparation for your new baby means spending thousands of dollars on cribs, clothes, stroller, bottles, diapers, and other baby needs. With the current economic recession, it is not the most practical thing. On the bright side, there are ways on how you could spend less without sacrificing quality. By investing on eco friendly products, you’ll be assured of quality and safety in one great buy.

Here are some tips on saving money:

Buy secondhand baby products in thrift shops and garage sales. Shopping for used baby products is a great way to cut costs without sacrificing quality. This is very economical particularly for clothing since babies always outgrow their clothes in less than a month. If there are no garage sales in your neighborhood, you could always search online in sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Borrow products from your friends and family. However, be skeptical and do not accept junk like torn and stained baby clothing, and broken toys. But if your relatives and buddies offer you completely useable secondhand products, never hesitate.

Shop for multi-purpose products. Manufacturers introduced products that are extremely versatile. There are cribs that can be transformed into toddler or day beds, playpens that could be a bassinet or change table attachment, or car seats that could be turned into booster seats. Instead of buying multiple products, these items can perform different functions and you can have them in just one buy.

Get coupons, discounts, and free baby items. Sign up for special offers and money saving coupons from manufacturers. Most baby detergent products give coupons that give you discounts from various supermarkets.

Change your product choices. Conduct research of alternative products that are less expensive but works in the same way. Instead of using disposable diapers, use washable cloth diapers.

As a mom, you should always prioritize your baby’s safety. Invest on efficient and safe products that would protect your child’s health for the long term basis. Don’t buy products that may pose dangers to your infant like chemical cleaning products. Use organic babies’ products to lessen the risk of toxicity, which is a common among those exposed to chemical cleaning products. These products are non-toxic as well as effective in killing harmful germs and viruses.


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