The Art of Falling in Love

The Art of Falling in LoveRecently, I got so hooked up listening to radio programs and shows that give love, sex and relationship advice to listeners. One of my favorites is Good Times with Mo Twister (GTWM) both the morning show (which airs at Magic 89.9) and the Podcast. I am so amused by the callers and their problems. Especially GTWM the Podcast, the stories can get so unpredictable. Yeah, there are days when you hear the same stuff over and over. But there are episodes that could really blow your brains out.

What I loved about these shows is their attempt at a no holds barred talk. You can already imagine the demography of the people listening to these shows. Some of the listeners are married, some are single, some are gay, some are straight, and some are just plain demented.

Another one that I’m so fond of is Papa Jack’s True Love Conversations and Wild Confessions, which airs at 90.7 Love Radio. Papa Jack always keeps me awake inside the taxi whenever I go home very late. His “masa” humor and mockery of the callers tickle my fancies all the time.

On the other hand, I noticed one recurring theme after a few months of listening to these shows. And that is: the only difference of one love problem to another is how it happened. In the end, there’s just one solution. It’s either you stay or you go.

“I Love You”

I love you is a three-word sentence that we say to those who we care about. It’s supposed to encapsulate how deeply we feel towards a person.The Art of Falling in Love

But isn’t it funny how, today, it has become quite easy for us to say I love you and actually not mean it?

The art of falling in love is a concept that has been misinterpreted over and over again. Most of us think that ‘I am in love’ is similar to ‘I love’. Being in love is what keeps us excited to see our better half or partner everyday. If you are in love with someone, there’s a sudden smile on your face as you see his/her face every morning. You feel the rush of your blood go up your cheeks as you see him/her waiting for you in front of your favorite restaurant. You feel euphoria as his/her lips gently press on to your forehead as he/she wraps your body tightly in his/her arms. And every night is a tough ride as you part ways and head back home.

Some people say that falling in love or being in love is only applicable to those who are still ‘in a relationship stage’. Once you get married, or once your relationship has passed the honeymoon stage, everything changes. The magic fades away.

I totally agree that there’s a tendency for the flame to die down as a relationship ages. Yes, in the long run, the sweetness can go away. The flowers, the chocolates, the sacrifices and movie dates may no longer be a part of your routine. Sex may not be as hot as before. And slowly, everything becomes an obligation.

But I believe in making a difference.

I am a person who’s fond of falling in love and being in love. Every time I enter a relationship, I ensure to make my partner falls in love with me everyday. Yes, it sounds absurd and a fantasy. But, why not? Being the romantic that I am, I want my partner to feel desired. At least, if all else fails, he will never question my feelings for him. “She loved me a lot. It’s just that it didn’t work out.”

The Art of Forgotten

Love is an emotion that is complex and complicated. And as it ages, some people get too complacent.

According to surveys, most women cheat on their partners because of undisclosed relationship problems. Indeed, there are girls who are just sluts in nature. But we’re not looking at those women who couldn’t keep a relationship longer than a year.

Women tend to look for what’s missing in their current relationship in other men. If boyfriend is always busy at work or school, girlfriend finds a way to fill in that gap. If boyfriend is a sex addict, girlfriend seeks for a guy who’s willing to do all the cheesy stuff.

It is not that women do not have the courage to leave guys. In fact, some women leave their partners once they find a loop hole. However, there are women who are:

a)      Scared of being alone

b)      Don’t want her efforts spent on the relationship go to waste

c)       Scared of letting go

d)      A product of a dysfunctional family

e)      Influenced deeply by her environment

Hence, this is an off-topic discussion.

In order to live a happy successful relationship, you must continuously be in love with your partner. You must love him/her and be in love with him/her. Falling in love and being in love is the most elevating feeling in the world. And to be able to feel that constantly to your partner is bliss.

Definitely, it is not easy to fall in love with someone as you discover more and more of his/her flaws. But if ever you come to the point that you get tired of trying then, perhaps you should think over your relationship. When you find yourself in doubt, ask yourself: “Am I happy?

If yes, discussion over. If not, then.. It’s time to pack your bags. And leave.


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