Achieving Success on your Carousel Ads

Doing carousel ads is one of the most popular type of Facebook ads we’ve seen on our feeds that actually converts. And for obvious reasons: 1.) It’s basically a quick catalog of your services or products which makes it easier to lure in possible customers to learn more about you, 2.) More images means more attraction to Facebook users.

Unlike common misconception, it works not just for ecommerce sites but also for service providers. Cost per click (CPC) still depends on the range of audience you want to target. The more targeted/specific your campaign gets, the lower your CPC is. Either way, the minimum bid daily is $1– at some point, its still cheaper than your Adwords campaign.


Here are a couple of tips you can do to make the most out of your Facebook Ad Sets:

Get a good image to match your product or service. Make sure it’s high resolution and a close-up look on your product.

Don’t be scared to add text on the images! Add the price! Put a price tag upfront to your services and products so your audience already knows what to expect. Nothing else is more attractive than learning how much they can save from you over competitors. Just as long as you remember the 20% limit, okay?

Title should be a call to action. Don’t be afraid to ask a question or demand them to act.

Always use the Learn More button. This provides the audience options to know more about what you are offering rather than the cold hard selling Buy Now button.

If you have more tips and suggestions on how to improve carousel Facebook ads, don’t hesitate to share it with us on our Facebook page!

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