My name is Maria Espie Vidal; part-time vocalist, full-time writer. And this web blog is my personal portfolio. Everything written here is authored by me; otherwise, it will be noted at the footer.

Passion for writing

Writing could be considered as my secret passion. Back in elementary and high school, I used writing merely as a form of expression and for school work. I only realized my deep love for the craft when I stepped into college.

At the age of 20, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the prestigious and only Catholic university in the Philippines: University of Santo Tomas (España, Manila). During my four years in college, my skill in writing is honed and developed for all types of traditional media, which includes television, radio, and print. I am proud to say that my strengths lie in news writing and creative writing / literary.

However, my years of work experience as part of an online marketing team has trained me to become an expert in Web Content Writing, Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization (organic / off-site). Thus, it made me a flexible and versatile writer. My critical eye can spot the best angle of interest from any story. I am confident to write articles about various topics/niche such as news, sports, reviews, blogs, how to’s, website content and others.

Copyediting was never difficult for me since my course involves writing technicalities. Through my work experience, I’ve practiced and developed my skills in proofreading/copyediting. I always guarantee minimal copyediting errors in my articles. It became a habit to inspect my work before publishing it to the website or submitting it to our team’s copyeditor.

It’s a Writer’s World

I decided to launch “It’s a Writer’s World” to provide informative articles to its readers. My 6 years of being in the SEM world has inspired me to create my own informative blog site. You can expect me to write about various topics including home improvement, family, health and fitness, real estate, and etc. I’ll be also publishing how-to articles as well as news.
My site is open to your comments and feedbacks. For inquiries, suggestions, or corrections, you are free to email: contact [at] mariaespievidal {dot} com.