6 Helpful Tips to Boost Organic Reach through Social Media

Over the years, social media has been a tool viewed and used by people in different ways. Most commonly, people act as users connecting with people from all over the world. They are deemed important for posting pictures, getting updates on current news and fads, etc. However, on the other side of the coin, some people act as hosts, doing all the posting, getting users to visit their sites, to like, react, and share. These hosts are businesses, bloggers, communities, organizations—game changers.

It’s all about the Reach

Social media, especially Facebook, had created a new hemisphere for marketing. Struggles to keep up with the new tools, new trends and new versions for effective online marketing have been mind-boggling to many. Numbers mean everything. Facebook, unlike other popular social media sites, engage these hosts into deeper understanding of the numbers they provide in their reach metric. The more attention pages get, the more successful they are.

Sounds simple? Yeah, that’s what I also thought.

Yet, back in 2013, news broke out that Facebook has decided to take organic reach to another level and introduce the process of paying for more reach using the Facebook news feed. Consequently, violent reactions have surfaced from their clients while some dismissed the outpour of negative feedback and just joined the wagon. The battle to wreak in growing online traffic has gotten more serious. Here are some tips to simplify finding solutions to this dilemma.

1. Learn Effective Keywords

Doing simple things as this can actually make a big difference on your reach metric. One of the best ways to improve your site is to look no further than what you already have at hand. Study your data by initially looking at what keywords work your metrics. Look at what can specifically be your guide to what readers/viewers want to see more or read about. It also pays to think like a user would when typing keywords to search for the type of product or service you are endorsing. Using keyword data, there is a possibility of being able to draw patterns on consumer behavior and through following these patterns, you’ll never have to blindly guess what users keywords visitors will be using next.

2. Follow Through with Analysing Content Data

Web content is one of the important things to consider in your site when it comes to gaining an increase in traffic. A website owner should be able to provide visitors with great content to fulfil their needs. The best way to keep making visitors come back to your website or read more of your posts is to post content that is helpful to people. An Important example is the case of Emil Shour. Someone who used to be just an ordinary guy and turned content marketing and SEO master for SnackNation, a healthy snack delivery service. He successfully pulled a SkyScraper Technique which consists of analysing data and keywords to come up with genius ways to attract heavy online traffic. Understand the keywords that are used to make the search for your site content. The most read/viewed post should give you a hint of what people at that time are looking for. It is important to include important keywords in the content or in the first five words in your title posts.

3. Learn from the Competition

Surely, one way or another, you have asked yourself why your competitors are actually doing better than you are, and the answer lies in their data. While it is not allowed to snoop around someone else’s data, a couple of visits to their sites wouldn’t hurt; especially if it will help you boost your numbers. Get a glimpse of what works for them, what keywords or topics they usually dwell in. No need to copy, though. What works for them may not also automatically work for you. Evaluate which stuff you can use, mix it with what you already have working for you and you should be able to find yourself out there ahead of all the competitors.
Also, do not forget to widen your horizon. Aside from looking towards brands that compete with yours in the market, it should also be helpful to keep score with other products/services/pages that are related to your business. Example, if your products cater to infants’ clothing, then it would also help you to explore other sites which are about educational toys, starting mothers or baby food.

4. Consider Keeping an Eye on Social Talk

This may just do the trick for you. A visit on sites or pages such as communities or campaigns every now and then may allow you to pick out specific key words that can help you design your content. It is always a smart move to know what your target audience are talking about.

5. Audience Language should be a Primary Basis

As preferences easily and quickly change, so does keywords. It is one truth that site owners should keep in mind in order to stay on top of their game. Users become enthusiasts of not just the products and services, but are starting to become obsessed with talking about them. It is important to be updated on the lingo that site visitors use every day. Basically, keywords tend to change based on online conversations. Getting to know how your target market behaves creates wonders for your site impressions and engagements.

6. Be Creative with what you Post and where you Post it

The Social media platform has elevated itself quickly on various levels and it is up to you to know how to use it. The good thing is that social media sites does not limit you on how you produce posts and how you can make your presence even more prominent for attention. Surprise your readers. Make sure you get creative and manipulative when it comes to your content. Be keen on ways how you can end up standing out from the bunch of posts that appear on news feeds. Don’t be afraid to mix and match a little bit. Post your photos or videos in Twitter; take advantage of new updates social media sites indulge themselves with. Don’t fight the current, swim along. You’ll definitely find yourself getting more traffic than usual.

Once you follow steps number 4 and 5, learning what your target market is into at the moment or what they are currently engaging themselves in, you can now create multiple posts for this topic/keywords. This move is a combination of two principles: hitting a lot of birds with one stone and striking the iron whilst hot. That way, you can be sure that none of the things you post end up with just getting one or two reactions, or none at all.

Following these steps will surely help out in your goal of harvesting more organic reach. This way, not only your target reach measurement will have a happy indicator sticker next to it, but also your savings as you try to stay away from measuring paid reach.

There are a lot more steps and tips which I can share with you, if you need help with social media marketing, or if you need someone who knows how to cook up web content that is timely and relevant, leave your contact details below and let’s discuss how your business can work for you and not the other way around. I have an on-going promo for a limited time to anyone who would want to avail writing or consultation services. Contact us now for more details.

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