3 Reasons Why You should Start Working on Your Social Media

If you are one of the non-believers of social media marketing, you might want to take a second look and reconsider. Social media has grown to an empire with over billions of active users on a daily basis. It has outgrown its original purpose (which is to build virtual communities) and is considered to be one of the most powerful tools to boost your business’ success online.

In Google’s quest to eliminate spam content in search results, social signals are now strong factor to consider in order for a site to rank. And by social signals, we mean getting your content shared and cited by active social media users.

From social networks (such as Google+, Facebook, & Twitter) to web2.0 properties as well as file sharing and streaming sites (Flicker, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), being active at the right platform can help get your site up and ranking.
Here are3 reasons why you should start working on your social media:
1. Authorship markup –Those who have an account in Google+ can claim their written blogs/news articles through authorship markup. You will be given a set of codes to implement on your site which helps improve your appearance in the SERPs.

Google+ Authorship mark up

If you’re an ordinary internet user searching for recipes, which search result would you click first—the search result with plain, boring texts or the one with the author’s picture?

2. Quality, relevant inbound links – Social media, if done successfully, can result to thousands of relevant, quality inbound links for your website. If you share your new content via Twitter or in Google+ (profiles are set to public viewing of course), it will be crawled and counted as a backlink. This has always been the goal of Google: naturalize the link sharing process and eradicate manipulated ones (paid, automated, etc).

3. Rank pages on social media websites – Since these sites rank very well on search engines, you might want to consider ranking a page on a social media site instead. Especially if you’re fairly new in the online world, obviously it will take some time before your site ranks (considering the millions of competition you’ll have to face). Take a shot and start uploading videos on YouTube or creating an appealing fan page on Facebook. You’ll reap from its benefits even from the most competitive keywords

At the end of the day, social media is your best buddy in terms of reputation management. Get your brand active on social networks and you’ll see a great shift in site traffic and conversion rates. Although you might not be able to see that immediate boost in sales, your followers will see you as an expert in the industry.
This is why you have to post relevant, informative content on your page as well as raise strong opinions. Once you have established that reputation, it is easier to introduce your own products and services.

Maria Espie

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